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Salary for a senior software engineer in Poland

adsp1989 - | 2
18 Apr 2015 #61

ok got it. I want to save 5,000 PLN per month.How much salary should I ask then? Iam single and coming from India.
18 Apr 2015 #62
To save 5,000zl per month and have a modest flat in the city centre and eat out a couple of times a month, take a holiday once a year, buy clothes as you need them, (i.e. live on 5,000zl per month) you'll need to make about 15,000zl per month before taxes. Good luck with that.
5 May 2015 #64
Hi All,

I got offer from Poland per day 350 euros monthly 7000 euros, i am single and i want to know how much cost of living for single and taxes on it...

and how much i can save

Please let me know

Thanks in advance...
jon357 71 | 20,403
5 May 2015 #65
It's a good salary for Poland. Even after tax you'll only spend about 3 days' pay on somewhere very nice to live, another two or three days' pay on day-to day expenses and food so the rest will be yours to spend or save as you like.
8 Sep 2015 #66

I have been offered a job in Gdansk as a JAVA SENIOR SOFTWARE DEVELOPER or JAVA DEVELOPMENT TECH LEAD, can you please tell me approximate how much salary should i expect separate for both positions?

Thanks in advance.
28 Oct 2015 #67
Hi I've 5 Years of experience on .NET Technology,Currently i'm working in Accenture India.

I am going though a process in a company in Poland,Please let me know what's the decent salary in Poland for my experience ?
28 Oct 2015 #69

it depends a lot in which city the company is located and the company itself, give a look to Glassdoor if there are infos about the average salary for that company in Poland.

Senior .NET developer in the west (Poznan, Wroclaw) can easily ask for 10k PLN gross month (net: 7k PLN), sure in Warsaw you should ask for more.
6 Nov 2015 #70
Hey All,

I am also in talks with a company in Wroclaw. I have 7 yrs of exp and currently working in India with around 13L package. What should be my salary expectations.

As per indian standards , i have a good package here.
11 Jan 2016 #71
Reply please guys
11 Jan 2016 #72
You can try negotiating around 10k PLN gross /month.
That's resonable
frd 7 | 1,401
11 Jan 2016 #73
senior software developer can get 10k gross or more. 11 or 12k is also possible. Ask if they have increased income costs or so called creative tax this can increase net salary by a nice bit.
15 Jan 2016 #74

I have been offered a gross salary of 7200 per month in lodz plus 17 % bonus(net salary is 5300). There are other benefits like relocation package and insurance for me.

I have 6+ years of experience in IT. I have a wife and kid. Is this a good amount to shift from India to Lodz. Please note that my Lodz annual package evaluates to 12 lac indian rupees which is the package I can get in India also.

I am interested in Lodz to relocate to Europe. But the question is : Is this salary sufficient to rent a 2 room apartment and once my kid grows up, send him to an english school.
jon357 71 | 20,403
15 Jan 2016 #75
Yes, it is an ok wage in Poland, somewhat above average. No, it wouldn't cover private school fees however English is increasingly taught well in Polish schools.

£ódż is more expensive than India, however it is cheaper than, say, Britain. A two room apartment in £ódż (a bit of guessing here) would be between 1500 and 2000 zl depending on quality. You may find one cheaper or more expensive but most would be around that price.
18 Jan 2016 #76
Yes. I was told about creative tax but i don't understand the concept. I think its some kind of variable pay. Any info will be helpful about this. Any link.
18 Jan 2016 #77
Folks are probably refering to working as a sole proprietor on umowa o dzielo. In this case you pay flat 19% tax rate instead of 32% on a higher income and very low Zus. So you are getting significantly more net with the same gross. However this workmode is hardly suitable for the foreigner holding employer dependent work visa. To register a sole proprietorship you need to possess at least permanent residence if I remember it correctly.
8 Feb 2016 #78

I am also expecting an offer in Warsaw, I went through complete thread and understood that there is not much advantage until and unless our salary is really very good.

I am thinking of some alternative to save/earn more, hence can anybody clarify my doubt? Can dependents work there, and does tax slab changes if spouse is working? (I have previously been to Germany, where tax slab varies if both partners work

17 Feb 2016 #79
HI, Recently i was offered with 6500 PLN for Sw Developer role. Is that Enough to survive in poland. Anybody , please reply soon.

Mail : vijayaraj.sekar86@gmail

Thank you,
terri 1 | 1,664
17 Feb 2016 #80
The salary of 6.5K was gross, you will get about 4K. It's enough to survive on. Search this forum for how much things cost. You will NOT be able to save much (if at all).
7 Apr 2016 #81
Hello All,

Good Day.

I have offer for 12000 PLN gross and net take 8427 PLN in Poland -> Lodz. Is it a good option to move from India to Poland?

#2 Also what is approximate salary growth per year for IT industry?

#3 Shall I move with the current offer I will be coming alone to stay there but have family 3 dependents here in India. so worried if its a good option to move.

Thanks in advance for replies.

15 May 2016 #82
Hi Venky,

Can you please provide your contact no or email id. I have been approached by one of the consultancy for IBM. 40 euro per hour.
Have you moved to Poland?
Harry84 1 | 80
15 May 2016 #83
Hi All,

Please refer the below 2 links for net salary & living cost in poland.

Pooja Sharma
28 Sep 2016 #84
Hi ,

Im in process of quoting salary expectations for Quality Analyst with 8 years experience with MNC in Poland. I have been reading with costy of living very low when compared to Other EU nations. I have idea of 12k-14k net is good salary with my experience. I need to know if thats correct ? Im reloacting from India while im getting work visa sponsered by MNC.
DominicB - | 2,709
28 Sep 2016 #85
I have been reading with costy of living very low when compared to Other EU nations.

It's lower, but not very low. Some things are cheaper. and some things are the same or even more expensive. Assuming you are single male, renting a basic one-bedroom apartment will set you back 2000 to 2600 PLN a month, rent, administration fees, and utilities all included. More if you expect more comfort, and less if you are satisfied with a studio apartment. Food, household items, clothing and the like will set you back anywhere from 1000 to 3000 PLN a month, depending how often you go out. Then you have to deduct the cost of your travel, relocation, visa and residency permit.

That leaves the rest as either fun money or potential savings.

I have idea of 12k-14k net

That is real good for the Polish market. It will enable you to save up a substantial amount of money.

That is, again, assuming you are a single male. If you're bringing a wife along, it's still pretty good. Kids that have to be put in private English-speaking schools will cost a lot, though. That is one thing that is quite expensive in Poland.

Also, you mentioned wages and cost of living, but neither of these is important in itself when determining whether a job in another country is worth it. The only number that matters is how much you can put into your savings account at the end of the month.

Someone who can get about 20,000 PLN a month in Poland should have little difficulty getting twice or more that in a richer country. Even with the higher cost of living there, it might well turn out that your savings potential is greater, even substantially so. So make your decision based on savings potential, not wages or cost of living.
terri 1 | 1,664
28 Sep 2016 #86
The problem is much are employers willing to pay. If you have exceptional skills and experience they will pay more. are expecting too much, they will not employ you. The best they're going to pay is 12K pln gross.
DominicB - | 2,709
28 Sep 2016 #87
you are expecting too much, they will not employ you. The best they're going to pay is 12K pln gross.

Sorry, Pooja. I misread. I thought you had been offered that much already. Terri is right. You are probably expecting too much.

Also, if they ask you for your salary expectations, always kick the ball back to them and ask them how much they are offering. And then tell them you will take a few days to consider their offer. If you reveal your expectations first, you lose any advantage you have and are negotiating from a weaker position. Any employer that tries to take advantage of your weaker position is probably not an employer you would want to work for anyway, so you lose nothing by sticking to your guns and asking them how much they are offering. Or ask them for 20 k and see how they react. If they want you, they will respond with a counter offer that's probably a bit higher than they would have offered in the first place.
Pooja Sharma
29 Sep 2016 #88
Thanks @ DominicB and @terri , for your valuable inputs. I am single female and i am offered in job description by the employer as 12-14k but as i mentioned i have no clear idea about salary standards in Poland. Yes,i have competitive technology stack and almost all MNC's have quoted this figure in first interview itself. Yes, i am relocating for really great profile and growth and saving is my foremost priority along with comfortable lifestyle.

i have been reading that net pay after tax deduction matters a lot, so what i want is good gross salary to get handsome net salary.
DominicB - | 2,709
29 Sep 2016 #89
You pay about a third of your gross salary in taxes, so multiply your desired net salary by 1.5 to calculate the gross you should be asking for. 12 to 14 k net would be 18 to 21 k gross.
terri 1 | 1,664
29 Sep 2016 #90
I believe the 12K pln is the gross salary. If it is the net - grab it with both hands.
Please always quote salaries either in Gross or Net - then we are able to offer better advice.

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