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Salary for a senior software engineer in Poland

26 Dec 2014 #31
I just realized your salary is on a higher side, so you will be taxed more for your part of the salary which is above 85000 annually, So on an average you can consider 33/35% tax.

I live in Warsaw which i assume is slightly more expensive than Wroclaw. So i may not be able to guide you on the exact exp in your city.

I assume 2000 PLN for apartment (as you have a family) + 1200 (for basic living) assuming you will eat at home should be fine and 300 for misc.

So 3500 for a month is good to survive. May go up, if you plan to party and eat outside.
26 Dec 2014 #32
Thank you so much for your guidance.But is the tax only deduction to be considered?Apart from the Polish tax I am also seeing following components to be deducted from gross salary in my offer.Will these not reduce my take home substantially?

Compulsory social insurance includes the following funds:
· 9.76% old-age pension insurance;
· 1.5% disability and survivors' pension insurance;
· 2.45% sickness insurance; and
· 9% health insurance.

26 Dec 2014 #33
Well yes the 33% i am talking about includes all this (social security).

Out of this income tax is around 20%, but doesn't matter you can consider it all to be tax. AS being an foreigner we do not get many benefits out of the social security apart from the health benefits.
26 Dec 2014 #34
Thank you so much for the guidance so far.One last question.When you say 33% overall is this the calculation?Based on this I think i Will get safely get 8400 PLN net home salary?Please correct me if I am wrong

Income tax threshold in 2013:
· up to 85,528 PLN: 18% minus the amount decreasing the tax 556,02 PLN
· over 85,528 PLN: 14 839,02PLN + 32% of surplus over 85.528 PLN

InWroclaw 89 | 1,915
26 Dec 2014 #35
Apartment will be closer to 2200-2500 per month including modest bills.

Is the 10900 for a 30-hour or 35-hour week, if I may ask?
26 Dec 2014 #36
Not sure about the hours but its Mon to Friday Job I guess.Any idea how much 10900 gross will give in hand net take home amount?If I go by taxes it 8400 PLN net.
InWroclaw 89 | 1,915
26 Dec 2014 #37
If you're going to be working at the place that's hiring a lot (let's just say there's a colour in the name of the office building name) then they start their day at 8 or 8.30 and AFAIK some leave at 4, some at 5 or later of course. As for deductions, a lot goes in tax and national insurance (called ZUS). Something like 40 per cent parts company with some workers. I don't know if VAT comes into it, but probably not as an employee (someone else might know).
hakuchha 3 | 27
26 Dec 2014 #38
zus is something extra on top of tax.

your salayr- Zus = ramining * tax deduction = net salary

with your 10900 brutto salary expect to get around 7 661.11 zl.
26 Dec 2014 #39
When i say 33%, it is an average that you can assume, as you see the thresholds are different so you will be charged higher tax rate for above 85000. So on a average you can say 33-35% with the social security.

I think assuming this you should have around 7000 PLN net. (65% of your Gross salary.)
26 Dec 2014 #40
Thank you so much all for the valuable guidance.I really appreciate all the help
InWroclaw 89 | 1,915
28 Dec 2014 #41
So, here's an extract from the official info:

Rates and methods of income tax calculation
In the year 2014, there are the following methods of the tax calculation concerning income received from employment relationship, pensions:

Moreover Personal Income Tax Act states other tax rates i.e.:

· 20% of revenue from legal and consulting services provided by foreign person
· 19% of income from deposit and loan percentages
· 19% of income from money capital for example chargeable selling securities
· 10% of prizes won in competitions, games and mutual bets or awards connected with premium

14 Feb 2015 #42
Hi,I am an IT engineer of having 6+ years of exp. Currently earning $4000 USD PM as an in Dubai, where as I am saving at around $2000 USD a month (having a family of 3).

Now I got an offer from Poland of 12000 PLN (Gross) which I believe is less than what currently having, but don't know if that is sufficient to have a good life in Poland - Krakow. The main thing is I am currently saving 1.25 lac INR a month here in Dubai which is helping me in my mortgage in India, so will on 12000 PLN be I able to save similar kind of saving? If not then what should I ask of salary? However they are not giving more than 12K but for safer side just want to know from any one who is staying there specifically from India. Thanks in Advance. Please reply fast i have to answer them as early as possible.
Monitor 14 | 1,820
14 Feb 2015 #43
12000 brutto is 8400 netto PLN or 2286 USD. As far as I know Dubai has much lower taxes, but there is know way that you will survive on 286USD in order to save 2000 USD per month :D
16 Feb 2015 #44
@ Monitor Thanks for your response. that counts around 1000 PLN after my target saving of 2000$. So should 3000 extra PLN which counts total 4000 PLN be enough for a family of 3 (me spouse and 1 year old kid).
Monitor 14 | 1,820
16 Feb 2015 #45
People in Poland leave with 4000PLN net for a family of 3, but it's quite poor live. No going out, 60m2 apartment. If you want to live comfortable and send your child to English private school then you need much more than that (at least double)
16 Feb 2015 #46
So should 3000 extra PLN which counts total 4000 PLN be enough for a family of 3 (me spouse and 1 year old kid).

You could just about live on that amount in Krakow (a lot of people there live on less), but I certainly wouldn't want to try it. For a decent standard of living you will need to have at least double that; for a standard of living that is getting close to good, you'll want to have triple that.
DominicB - | 2,684
16 Feb 2015 #47
If you and your wife want to live like students, yes, you can do it. But probably not for very long before she gets bored and frustrated with the low budget and boring lifestyle. (Not being able to communicate with the locals and five months of winter is going to work on her nerves as it is).

An apartment, rent, fees and utilities included, is going to cost you between 2000 and 2500 PLN a month. That leaves only 1500 to 2000 PLN a month left over for food, household supplies, clothing, electronics, entertainment, travel, diapers and baby supplies, furniture, etc.

Of course, forget about it if you have to for airfare out of your own pocket. That would put you deeply in the red. Nor would you be able to afford any trips back to India for your wife or you.

Sorry, but moving to Poland with a wife and kids doesn't make much sense unless you are RICHLY compensated. It would make more sense to send the wife and kid back to India, and come to Poland on your own.
16 Feb 2015 #48
Thanks Dominic, Harry & Monitor for all your suggestions and inputs. But if I summarise all your advises than i believe 12000 PLN [which is being offered to me] will not be sufficient for me to make a good saving as well. I have googled and found that an average IT engineer here in Poland gets 10-12K PLN a month only if that is the case then I should not try ? As per your suggestion I should ask 15000/16000 PLN at-least in order to save money as well have a standard life.

I think i should stick here in Dubai if that is the case where I am getting $4000 a month with NO-Taxation. Kindly conclude with our opinion. Thanks in advance.
Monitor 14 | 1,820
16 Feb 2015 #49
You are right, except that the average salary of a programmer in Poland is closer to 7000 pln per month and this 12000 is only average from few top cities and top companies.
16 Feb 2015 #50
I think i should stick here in Dubai if that is the case where I am getting $4000 a month with NO-Taxation.

You are completely correct.
DominicB - | 2,684
17 Feb 2015 #51
I think i should stick here in Dubai if that is the case where I am getting $4000 a month with NO-Taxation. Kindly conclude with our opinion. Thanks in advance.

Indeed. No matter how you cut it, you will be taking a deep downgrade in savings potential by coming to Poland.
17 Feb 2015 #52
Thank you guys.
8 Mar 2015 #53
Can any one help me out about, what salary can i expect as an share point admin with 4 years of that i can survive in city like Poland.

26 Mar 2015 #54
Hi friends,

i have read all these posts and got an quite idea about what is salary standard and taxes and all in poland , but no one has asked about katowice , so i need to know is katowice is small or big city ? and how much being a single i need to accomodate myself there ?

i dont need a fancy house or someting , i just need a proper food , internet and all basic stuff .
i am a database engineer with 6 years of experience , and i am going to work in IBM , and DB2 is quite a niche technology and its really hard to find engineer in it .

so please suggest how much should i ask as i need 5000 PLN to save everymonth for my india loans .
sobieski 107 | 2,128
26 Mar 2015 #55
need to know is katowice is small or big city

Check the internet perhaps ?
26 Mar 2015 #56
so please suggest how much should i ask as i need 5000 PLN to save everymonth for my india loans .

If you want PLN 5000 saved every month a one-bedroom flat in a part of time where you probably won't get stabbed and you want to have luxuries such as a pizza being delivered or going out for two beers once a week (i.e. you want to spend PLN 4,000 a month on living), you'll need to have a gross wage of about PLN 14,000 per month, which you are very unlikely to get.
DominicB - | 2,684
27 Mar 2015 #57
as i need 5000 PLN to save everymonth for my india loans .

Not likely that you will earn anything near enough to make monthly payments of that size. Harry's estimate of at least 14000 gross is pretty much spot on, as a minimum. Wages like that are reserved for top-level senior managers and administrators, and heavy-duty, highly experienced specialists in niche areas like HBase and SAP. Don't know if your DB2 qualifies.

If you have debts this high to pay, then Poland is the wrong country for you. Concentrate on finding a much better paying job in a richer country where wages are much higher.
14 Apr 2015 #58
Hi, Any Indian who has got offer from IT company in Poland, i would like to know details, please let me know your email. Thanks in advance.
18 Apr 2015 #59

I have received an IT job offer in Krakow. The monthly package will be 9,500 PLN and will get 6,700 PLN after all the deductions.

Will this package sufficient in Krakow?
jon357 63 | 14,255
18 Apr 2015 #60
It's half as much again as the average salary. You won't be rich, but you won't be poor either.

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