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Salary for a senior software engineer in Poland

12 Sep 2012 #1

I am Atul from India and I will be moving to Poland for an long term assignment. Can someone let me know what should be the salary so that I can stay confirtable with the family and also save some good money. Please help, it is bit urgent.


12 Sep 2012 #2
Depends where you will be living and how many school-age kids you will want to send to a school which operates in English only.
6 Jan 2013 #3
hi harry, my friend is also moving to crowclaw and he has 3 kids , 8y/o , 5y/o and 3y/o.
he was told that education is free . what is the language do they use? english or polish?
would you know the names of the school in crowclaw?

madman999 - | 7
20 Jan 2013 #4
Recently moved to wroclaw from india:

main expenses are
rent - you need to pay 2000-2500 (with bills) to get a 50-60sqm decent flat
food - if you are cooking then monthly 1200-1500 ( if you need indian food items then need to pay more)
travel - 3zty for one normal trip (for 22 working days - 22*6 = 132, ~150zy for transportaion)
buying some misc items - 500zty
total - 3850-4600zty permonth

Beware you need to pay high income tax here.
Taxable income (PLN) Tax (PLN)
Over Up to
44490 19 % minus 586.85
44 490 85528 7866.25 plus 30 % of excess over 44490
85 528 20177.65 plus 40 % of excess over 85528
22 Jan 2013 #5
madman999 : how are the pay packages for expats working in poland for specialized roles ? I am not sure about your industry but I a senior .NET lead with 8 + experience in finance domain.. do you have any idea on how much can i get ?
madman999 - | 7
22 Jan 2013 #6
i am not sure, i think ~7000-8000pln per month..
jkb - | 198
23 Jan 2013 #7
The salary for a person with your expertise and experience can be anything from 8k pln to over 15k pln, depending on the company and your interviewing and negotiation skills. Also, the income tax brackets in Poland are 18% and 32% as of 2009.
APF 4 | 106
24 Jan 2013 #8
Why do you plan tocome to Poland? As Indian, you should come to Germany, Switzerland, Austria or the UK .. in the first 3 countries is the salary 4-6 times bigger than in Poland.

Polish people can not even find after their graduation from uni a job in their own country, not to mention in Germany etc. .. thats the reason they come to work in factories or private-nursing etc. .. and even badder things .. but thats a other topic.

Indian people are welcome in multicultural citys like Düsseldorf, Berlin, Köln etc. .. you will regret your decision when you go to Poland, or do you plan to work as an engineer somewhere in a meat factory in the west? You people down there have a good reputation in IT and engineering sector!!
AappJ - | 2
18 Jun 2013 #9
Here are great resources for software development personnel pay rates in Poland:

Salary Explorer, GlassDoor, and PayScale (Google each!)

Best wishes,


  • from Glass Door

  • from Glass Door
gurpreet15 - | 1
8 Sep 2013 #10
Dear Atul,

It depend upon which company is sending you and how much is your work permit and stay in poland. YOu can contact me on +46 763405782

ishtan 1 | 1
30 Sep 2013 #11
Merged: I am Software Engineer (.NET) with 7 years experience, is 12000 PLN make a good salary?

Hi All,

I am a Software Engineer with 7+ years of experience on .NET plateform. I am from and currently working in India.

A Software Company in Warsaw has offered a job with 12000 PLN per month gross. I have few questions:
1. Is it a good salary for my role and experience?
2. How much will be NET salary for this offer after all deductions? (accomodation and medical cover is not in the offer)
3. How much amount I need for monthly expenses provided I am not much extravagant. (1 bedroom apartment, once a week dinner in a restaurant, internet, mobile, and other basic needs; I do not go to pubs, not alcoholic, but yes I do smoke)

I am posting if someone can give a realistic idea.

Thanks in advance.
Monitor 14 | 1,820
30 Sep 2013 #12
Very good salary, taking into consideration, that the company will have to ask for Visa for you.
Take a look at this: 12000pln after deduction of income tax, health insurance, retirement and others gives 8427,87
You can live comfortable in studio apartment with 3000 - 4000 pln per month.
30 Sep 2013 #13
Salary is fine. You wild be able to live a pretty good life as long as you manage to integrate. Welcome to Poland !!!
sayhellofriends 2 | 4
7 Feb 2014 #14
Merged: What should be an ideal salary for a Senior Software Engineer with 8+ years of experience?

What should be an ideal salary for a Senior Software (Java) Engineer with 8+ years of experience in Poland?
Monitor 14 | 1,820
8 Feb 2014 #15
I wrote you in other topic. Why do you ask again?
frd 7 | 1,401
8 Feb 2014 #17
The salary you'll get doesn't directly correlate with the years of experience you've got. Quality of that experience is important, as well as what technologies you're required to be proficient with.
6 Mar 2014 #18
Please let me know, what is the standard package for an IT person (company like IBM). Also please explain the TAX structure.
14 Mar 2014 #20
Thanks a lot Monitor!
Do you have any idea, how much a 3'rd level support IT specialist (SAP) would earn working for IBM Wroclaw? I mean how much I cane cote. How much should be relocation bundle. I have no idea on this. How are the living standard / lifestyle at Poland?

Monitor 14 | 1,820
14 Mar 2014 #21
living standard / lifestyle at Poland?

There are 2 living standards in Poland. One is in big cities and other in small. Difference is that in towns people earn mostly minimum salary (1100PLN net). So they don't go out to restaurants, buy mostly 2nd hand clothes, don't go out much to pubs. They mostly stay at homes where they also meet with friends. In bigger cities, where salaries are more than 2 times higher lifestyle is more similar to Germany. I mean more eating out, more meeting with friends in the city, more shopping in cheap, but NEW clothes stores like H&M.

Wrocław belongs to big cities of Poland.
14 Mar 2014 #22
Thanks! Really want to explore your city. Have seen lot of pics of Poland; now want to capture her in my camera. Hope I get good package. Wondering How much they going to offer. I'm pretty much comfortable with 2nd lifestyle. So wondering minimum what package would be good for me to maintain my life style (Going out / long ride at weekend for photography / trekking; even pub too) as well as savings for future.

19 Mar 2014 #23
I have offered 7 500 PLN gross (monthly salary) at Wroclaw. Is it ok to stay out there and save some money. Please let me know. Also I'm not getting any accommodation; I have to book it remotely. Is there any link from where I can book/ rent a single BHK flat remotely.

Looking for reply.
Thanks in advance.
Monitor 14 | 1,820
19 Mar 2014 #24
You can rent apartment remotely through: but you will pay 2 x market average so use it for short term renting. With such salary you can live comfortable in Poland, but save perhaps just for the ticket back home / some not expensive vacation.
19 Mar 2014 #25
Thanks for your reply,
How much I will get in hand. They did not mentioned . Will you be able to calculate it? Do we get option like room sharing or PG out there? If what is the availability.
jkb - | 198
20 Mar 2014 #26

5325 net if normal employment contract is signed
Monitor 14 | 1,820
20 Mar 2014 #27
I even sent you url few posts before here and you're still asking... What is PG? Procter & Gamble? Where are you from? Who are You as in "Do we get option like room sharing"?
26 Dec 2014 #28
Merged: Getting 10900 PLN gross salary in Wroclaw. What will be my in hand salary after taxes?

Hi All.I am a software engineer and has been recently offered a position in Wroclaw with 10900 PLN gross monthly.Could someone tell me what will be mine take home in hand salalry after deducting taxes,health insurance and retrials?Also is the salary offered good since I plan to come with my wife and 2 year kid from India
26 Dec 2014 #29
Hi Abhishek,

I am an Indian as well, i just relocated from India for my job like a month back. It is approx flat 30% tax, so you should deduct that.

And the salary is really good. I dont think you will end up spending a lot here. The biggest exp will be your apartment rent. Apart from that i think with your salary you will be able to save a lot of money.
26 Dec 2014 #30
Hi RBind,

Thank you so much for the guidance.Would you be able to tell me tell me how much shall PLN will I need for having a decent lifestyle since I also aim at saving 4000 PLN to pay my loans back in India.If you dont mind would you be abel to provide you mobile number and I can probably call you to discuss please?


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