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Salary for medical doctors in Poland

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1 Jun 2012 #1

I have some questions regarding doctors in Poland. I assume that the newly educated begun doctor school when they were 18, and did six years of schooling, and one year (?) of training which makes them to be in their mid twenties when they're educated.

What salary is normal for doctors in Poland? Are there wide differences between the Voivodeships?

How many hours do they normally work a week? (I know in some countries doctors are really overworked)
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11 Nov 2014 #2
Newly educated doctors gain low comparing to experienced specialists.

The lowest salary granted to a person in the period of apprenticeship. Intern in a hospital can earn per month from 1370 to 1640 zł gross. A little more than he earns a caretaker, doorman and security guard employed by the hospital or clinic. Midwife, nurse or dietitian can earn per month in principle to 2420 zł gross. Specialist physician, laboratory diagnostician or assistant pharmacist can earn from 1720 to 3650 zł gross. Base salary of coordinators and managers of pharmacies operating in the state medical institutions range from 2150 to 4550 zł zł gross, and the provincial sanitary inspector or head of a hospital can earn up to 4850 per month zł gross basis.
Until that health professionals receive the functional depends not only on wages, but also on the findings contained in the Regulation. For example, head physician can count on allowance in the amount even in 2047 zł, as 45 percent of basic salary. Chief nurse entitled to an allowance of 45 percent of the amount of base salary, a nurse departmental - 25 percent. Moreover, staff who have a doctoral degree, habilitated doctor or professor is entitled to another addition. Doctor get up to 20 percent. , Ph. D with 'habilitation' up to 30 percent., and a professor up to 50 percent of basic salary.

Nowadays doctors are working too much - especially the good ones. Taking couple tours of duty makes them vulnerable to mistakes. It seems that today is lack of good specialists in Poland. But they get good money. Their salary is much higher than let say 5 years ago. Good money appears after the completion of II degree specialisation. Such a full-time doctor earns average of 7.700PLN gross and on contract agreement 10.300 monthly. Best cardiology and cardiac surgery doctors, famous surgeons and gynecologists take tens of thousands per month. Other examples: Head of Cardiology Department in Legnica - 13.5 thousand (plus duty hours), an anesthesiologist at a hospital in Poznan - 21 thousand (including duty), obstetrician gynecologist in Opole - 12 thousand zl, including duty.

In general, the best wages are in Mazowieckie and Opolskie, worst in kujawsko-pomorskie (according to data from for 2013) - the income difference exceeds even 50%

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