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Salary expectations in Poland

29 Jul 2016 #361
Hi, all

How much is Brutto Salary if the net is 8500zl?

Thank you!
Harry84 1 | 80
31 Jul 2016 #362
Hi Rahul,

You can consider 18% tax if your spouse will not work in poland, otherwise 32% tax.

marcoc10 2 | 6
13 Aug 2016 #363
Merged: Gross net salary in Poland

Hi All,

I am considering a job offer in the region of 12k PLN gross per month. I was told that the net salary would be of around 8,400 PLN net.

While checking this using the calculator mentioned below, it seems that 8,400 PLN net is correct. However, as regards the last 3 months of the year, the net amount results significantly lower (i.e. net PLN 6900, 7700 and 7800 respectively). Could any of you help me clarifying this? Do employee in Poland receive a different net compensation over the various months of the year? This seems a non-sense to me.

terri 1 | 1,664
13 Aug 2016 #364
The calculations are correct. You must find a website which explains the Polish tax system. The brutto gained each month is added up, as the next tier of income tax kicks in after (I think) 85,000. You will notice also that above an amount per year you do not contribute further towards parts of the insurance.
23 Aug 2016 #365
HI there,
I am going to be offered a position as a Senior Risk management professional in a major Bank. The salary has not been negotiated yet. I am an Indian professional with around 10 years of experience , 5 in IT and 5 in Financial Risk Management. I make something around 75 K in GBP in London. The reason I am moving to Poland is I am on a very restrictive visa here in UK. I am married with no kids. No smoker, no drinker. But would like to eat out once a week. And probably go somewhere once a month or once in two months . The role is in Krakow. I really don't know what to set my salary in. A simple search using equivalent salary calculator threw up a gross of around 120 K. Please advise.
terri 1 | 1,664
23 Aug 2016 #366
Around 10K pln per month gross is o.k. You could try for 12K pln per month.
cms 9 | 1,255
24 Aug 2016 #367
it depends what you mean by Senior - but if its a position where you would report into the board or audit committee then I would have thought pln 20-25k a month gross. if lower than that then probably 10-15k.
26 Aug 2016 #368
Thank you cms and terri. I am going to quote 15k.
28 Aug 2016 #369
Hy im suman from Nepal.....i am comming poland for steel fixture getting one month training here....according to manpower company i will get 1000 euro per comming there in can i pay my lone after a year working there...plz plz help me providing salary information of my job..
dutchie12345 - | 2
18 Sep 2016 #370
I have recently moved from the Netherlands to Katowice to start working as a Partner Service Advisor (b2b). At this time I make 5000zl gross, this includes a bonus for being a Dutch native speaker, which from my understanding leaves me with about 3500zl net a month.

I believe Dutch native speakers are in high demand for business support positions in Poland right now. I have a bachelor degree, am a native Dutch speaker and can speak English on a C1 level.

Does anyone know if this is a decent salary? I have a probationary period and I have already stated I might wish to negotiate my salary after the probationary period.
DominicB - | 2,709
18 Sep 2016 #371
If it's your first job and your bachelor degree is not in IT engineering, then that's probably the best you can expect, at least until you get experience and move into commissioned sales.

If you have a degree in IT engineering and previous real experience, it's pretty low.

The time to negotiate your wage was before you took the job. Once they have you on the payroll and in Poland, they have little incentive to substantially increase your wages. The primary, and even only reason this job is located in Poland in the first place is so that they can pay very low wages, and that will be their main motivation in any negotiations they conduct with you.

The only thing that will help is if you develop a solid sales record, and that will take time. And lots of hard work. But then, once you get a solid sales record, you won't be interested in this employer anymore.

It's OK as a first non-engineering job if you seriously intend to aggressively pursue a career in sales. Otherwise, it's just an extended paid "working vacation". You would probably be better off staying in the Netherlands and building up your qualifications, or reschooling into a more profitable field.

I take it that you know that Katowice is far from the most pleasant city in Poland. But then, at the money you're making, you wouldn't be able to really take advantage of what the more attractive cities have to offer, so you won't notice much difference.
dutchie12345 - | 2
18 Sep 2016 #372
Thanks for the advice. I don't have an IT degree, but this isn't my first job, I have two years experience in marketing.

I am aware that support positions have moved to Poland and Eastern Europe, because wages are much lower. The reason I decided to look for a job outside of the Netherlands is because there's an oversupply of college educated people and employers are very aware of this.

In the Netherlands you can only get short term and/or flex contracts if you start out, often replacing you with a new employee as soon as your contract runs out, so not really attractive either.

I guess I will have to start making money with my own business with customers in western countries.
DominicB - | 2,709
18 Sep 2016 #373
there's an oversupply of college educated people and employers are very aware of this.

The situation is much, much worse in Poland. Poland is a country that people leave to find work in richer Western countries. There's little incentive for Westerners to move to Poland. Wages are very low, the cost of living is rather high compared to wages, and savings potential is downright abysmal.

Good luck with your business!

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