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Relocating to Poland, looking for a IT job in Krakow/ Katowice / Wroclaw.

Bruno E.
13 Jun 2013 #1
Hi All, I have 13+ years experience in IT. I have Bachelors degree as an analyst/programmer.

I have been working as a lvl 3 Technical support Engineer/Application Support Engineer, as an IT consultant, programmer and system Administrator.
I am familiar with Windows and Unix systems, and various Databases.

My native language is Dutch, but I am fluent in English, and proficient in French.

Where can I find a good, challenging IT job? The area I prefer is Krakow/ Katowice / Wroclaw.

I originate from Belgium, but I will be relocating to Poland as soon as possible.


DominicB - | 2,707
13 Jun 2013 #2
Where can I find a good, challenging IT job?

Finding a job is one thing. Finding a job that pays well enough to make relocating a realistic option is another.

Your best bet is to get employed by a foreign company at foreign pay rates. This usually isn't a viable option unless you are able to work at least as a project manager, research director, regional sales/marketing manager or very high-level specialist/consultant. Otherwise, you'd be paid the going Polish wage, which is not at all that attractive, especially if you have a family to support. You might be able to leverage your knowledge of languages into a pay increase, but that depends on the particular employer and job in question.

Contact international companies like HP, Nokia and IBM and see if they have any high-paying job opportunities that fit your qualifications and experience in Poland. It's best to land a job BEFORE you come. Competition is tight, especially for well-paying jobs, and you will be at a disadvantage not knowing the local language and having only a bachelors degree, though your experience could count for something.
14 Jun 2013 #3
look at Credit Suisse bank (it's hard to find vacansies on their site, but I can't post a link) they are searching for specialists and also as far as I know Luxoft is hiring to Poland (and offeres relocation)
rlscott63 4 | 21
14 Jun 2013 #4
Where can I find a good, challenging IT job?

You might want to check as they are always looking for IT jobs in Poland, especially in Krakow
Grzegorz_ 51 | 6,146
14 Jun 2013 #5
I originate from Belgium

Can't you move somewhere else ?
jon357 75 | 22,602
14 Jun 2013 #6
Why do you say that?
Grzegorz_ 51 | 6,146
14 Jun 2013 #7
OK I take it back (can't edit) but people from "Low Countries" tend to be Polonophobic and anti-social crowd.
OP Bruno E.
15 Jun 2013 #8
That is such a broad generalization, and you seem to be a very likable, social, easy-going person when this is the only comment you can make:p

The other posters : thanks for the useful comments
25 Jun 2013 #9
We the expats ?

We the people who read PF.
I wouldn't use the word 'expat' to describe myself anymore.
26 Jun 2013 #10
I am a Pol living in England and relocating back to Poland nxt month,and i personally wouldn't move there before finding job first, unless you have got lots of spare money you can live on while looking for employment. My other half who is Brit found a job while stil working in British school, he sent of loads of applications and many companies wrote back, inviting him for Skype interview with end result being getting well paid job. So jobs are there for English speaking ppl without native language, you just need to be very clever about it. Very well written CV is the key and also I would recommend looking for job in non polish companies as they tend to be much better paid. Hope this helps
Monitor 13 | 1,816
26 Jun 2013 #11
not in every profession it's easy to find a job.
local_fela 17 | 172
27 Jun 2013 #12
Hi Bruno. As you are multi-lingual probably you could check my post as at the moment we have vacancies for Dutch, english and French speakers in an american company in Krakow.
OP Bruno E.
28 Jun 2013 #13

I had a look at it, and I have send you an email .


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