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Question about working on your own in Poland

25 Jan 2018 #1
I saw a thread on here that said if you are a freelancer or an independent contractor and declare it to the govt through zus or some other form the employer may want (what is the equivalent to a w9 here?) that you will pay 1000 zloty every month in zus on tap of taxes? so what id you only make like 650 bucks a month and need all your money just to pay your rent, how is the govt gonna make you destitute and pay some stupid fee in that case? Is there a way to seek assistance or not pay this zus if you cant afford it or are a pauper or have been kicked out another country and been to prison? or how to not declare it and tell the govt? if the co pany pays you in paypal how would they even know? Do foreign companies or websites declare where the paypal acocunt comes from to that govt at end of yr or does paypal let them know or is there a way to work under the table online?
DominicB - | 2,707
25 Jan 2018 #2
Basically, if all you are bringing in is a measly $650 as a freelancer, you're a failure as a freelancer and should consider getting a real job instead of expecting a handout. The government is making you a pauper. You are.
OP sksks
25 Jan 2018 #3
sorry but most freelance writers do make peanuts just look at most of the job boards for writers these days.
even krakow post paid me nothing for my contribution or they claim they dont pay their freelancers or writers at least any and thats a major english publicaiton in Poland, trust me all journalism grads or freelance writers are making peanuts not jsut me. There is no way any govt should make the, even poorer.

Oh and I did try working in my field in offices or even a startup in Berlin that didnt work either as they either tried to order me around and act like they are better or know it all when they thrmselves write or do next to nothing or are some young females who got their crap positions probably for their face or suking d-k, or they try working you to death in their crap offices where you have to waste ur whole day hanging out there even when you have nothing to do. no thanks, i cant stand their corporate culture, fake people or wannabe stars who are nothing themselves. they always lay me off anyway and all of a sudden change their tunes when i directly work in their offices vs freelance and trya cting like big bosses. I dont get along with people anyway and am antisoxial so thwt never worked for me nor interviews nor none of thst crap. I domt fake and never will even prison never chnaged tha tin me or made me a lier so nothig will.
DominicB - | 2,707
25 Jan 2018 #4
Don't blame the government. It is your responsibility to earn your keep and pay your taxes. If you can't do that by freelancing, then you are obligated to find other ways to support yourself, and to reschool yourself as needed. Don't blame others for your foolish choices.

Sorry, but if all you are bringing in is a paltry $650 in Poland, it's time to pack the bags, go home to mom and dad, and get some real qualifications that will help you get a real job that pays real money. Welcome to the real world!

Also, for a freelance journalist, your writing is simply awful. You come across as a half-wit.
OP sksks
25 Jan 2018 #5
$650 is still a lot better than me trying to find some retail job here at 12 zloty an hour or what they pay (plus aid be constantly working and dealing with **** people probably would be unemployed shortly anyway with the rudeness here)? and I domt have an option to go back as I was deported and came from orison there. And my family is helping me anyway and in Poland its cheaper anyway then it was in the u.s, for 650 i can at least pay rent in ca outside of **** hick places no sane person wants to live, a single room or even a studio costs twice that. And I so have options like I prefiously said, I could and want to go i to the **** business and id not only be doing somehting i love (sex particularly with hot young girls or getting them to do nasty **** like they do old men on sites like or maybe bring inf scial abuse to europe since its legal) and have a big dick and could do the production as well. Or continue with my euro lolita voyer idea that ls studio and studio 13 got rich off of. if they did it and got away with it in ukraine why wouldnt I? I can go there even on a 6 month visa or something.

i just need to know if i start a **** site what service to use, as i dont see an option in wordpress to do site previews. I could use paypal for the pay options and maybe do ads on pokish craigslist for them to come to my place for photo and video shoots. or how can i join other **** site businesses as an actor? thats another idea.
DominicB - | 2,707
25 Jan 2018 #6
Bug off, troll.

Admin, you can delete this thread.

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