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Question on verification of documents for a job Interview in Poland

lealnato 2 | 4
25 Mar 2014 #1
I have a question, im in a work process interview that they requested my passport and diploma. Im a non-eu. Talking with the RH girl, she mentioned that the gov of Poland needs to verify/recognize my documents. Only after this process they can offer me a job. Does that make sense or is non-sense. And if its the normal process, anyone knows the average time?

thanks in advance.
kot 2 | 24
25 Mar 2014 #2
Do you have a residence permit ( karta pobytu ) ? If yes than it makes no sense at all. If no, than yes they need it and if they'll decide to hire you, I guess you have to through the whole process of getting a residence permit.
OP lealnato 2 | 4
25 Mar 2014 #3
I dont have a resident permit yet. So, for them to even offer me a job, they need to check some documents, or you think they are already preparing the documents for future steps of the visa?

Thanks for the quick reply.
kot 2 | 24
25 Mar 2014 #4
Well,it depends what the HR girl knows. Once in Krakow I was refused a job because the HR girl said I need a work permit. By the time I proved that I don't need it because I already have a residence permit and I'm allowed to work legally in PL, they had already hired someone else in that position. In your case the best is to make sure about the job, this way you don't waste money and time on paperwork. If you're sure they're going to hire you, give them all the documents needed ( best would be if translated in polish by a licensed translator ). If I may ask: where is this company located ?
OP lealnato 2 | 4
25 Mar 2014 #5
I have sent them the documents requested ( my passport and my undergraduate diploma. I was never requested for the polish version, but the english one. So i sent them the official documents copy and the english copy as well). The position would be in katowice. It is a big IT company. I have sent the documents 2 weeks ago already. One week ago the girl said it could take up to a month on the verification of documents by the polish ministry of education, if i got it correct. Only after this "verification" they could offer me the job. And, if I accept their conditions, the work permit and visa steps starts.

I have searched around the internet for the steps. The way the RH girl told me is not completely out of what i have heard, but its a bit different because this "verification" step.
kot 2 | 24
25 Mar 2014 #6
but its a bit different because this "verification" step.

In this case I think they're checking your diploma. Nothing to worry about, just keep your fingers crossed.
OP lealnato 2 | 4
25 Mar 2014 #7
Okay then. Thank for the reply.
Ghilli 1 | 14
2 May 2014 #8
Hey lealnato,

Wats up..Is your documents verified?.did you got the visa processed..?
If yes, please let me know, how much time it took for this..?
how long will it take for work permit & visa..?

OP lealnato 2 | 4
4 May 2014 #9
Wats up..Is your documents verified?.did you got the visa processed..?
If yes, please let me know, how much time it took for this..?

hey Ghilli,
regarding your question ; the gov has verified my documents. Now the company is applying for my work permit. The process took longer to start because i was negotiating salary.So, when we agreed, they started the work permit process. I was told that should take 1 month and 1 week for the work permit. And, as far i am aware, when the work permit is ok, i go to the embassy and get my visa. Which, i was told it takes 1-2 days.
Ghilli 1 | 14
5 May 2014 #10
Hi Lealnato,

Thanks for your prompt reply..!!!!

I even got an offer in katowice and have submitted my educational certificates for the gov verification.Its been 3 weeks i submitted all those certificates.

So, just wanted to know still how much time it will take for the verfication.?
Is it the normal process..?
which country are you from..?
sorry to ask you too many questions...

ravd 1 | 2
31 Jul 2014 #11
Hi Ghilli,

i am also in same position as of you,with lot many questions related to joining Katowice IBM.
give me your email id so that i can contact you.
spidersixthsens - | 3
7 Apr 2015 #12
Hi Guys,

It seems you people have gone throught this whole process. Could you please tell me once we pass interview process and share our documents how much time it takes to get offer and work permit?

7 Apr 2015 #13
spidersixthsens ,

that can easliy take a month to get the response back that your documents have been "approved". After that, the company will send you the necessary document for u to arrange the visa. Which, depending which country you will do the "visa interview", could take some hours only or weeks.

But, as an avg estimation, give or take it, i would say 1-2 months.
manwar 1 | 6
5 Jul 2015 #14
I've also sent my documents to HR for verification last Monday wish me good luck :)

Greetings from Egypt

it took 2 months to get the documents verified
11 Jul 2016 #15
Hi .. I have a year back but I am 6 years experience person in my there any issue with my education verification.due to my one year gap during degree course

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