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Need for Public Accountants in Polska? Poland

AntV 5 | 615
25 Feb 2011 #1
Anyone know if public accountants, what we call CPAs in the USA, are needed in Poland, or is it a pretty saturated profession? I know that 10-15 years ago there were only a handful practicing, but it seems like (at least from what little research I've been able to do) that the numbers have grown. But, have they grown to the point of saturation?
25 Feb 2011 #2
I'd say there is always a need for good CPA's but only provided that you know polish language and polish accounting laws as well. In some specific situations knowledge of local language may not be that necessary. Your best chance would be to to inquire directly with polish based US companies (especially those listed ones) or the big four accounting companies. Contacting leading headhunting corporations wouldn't hurt either. Good luck!
cms 9 | 1,255
25 Feb 2011 #3
Yes there is still a need. Numbers of qualifieds have gone up but people with real commercial skill are still thin on the ground.

You dont need lots of work to understand the Polish accounting laws - they are almost identical to IFRS. Tax is a bit complicated but in any case there are plenty of local specialists for that.

You would not get an expat deal with a big 4 firm but they would probably be receptive to putting you on a local deal (pay of circa PLN 12-14k per month) if you spoke Polish.

If you didnt speak Polish then its much more difficult but you would find something after a while.
OP AntV 5 | 615
2 Mar 2011 #4
Thanks for the replies. cms, are you a practicing accountant? What exactly is a local deal, as opposed to any other employment contract?
delphiandomine 88 | 18,454
2 Mar 2011 #5
What exactly is a local deal, as opposed to any other employment contract?

Exactly as it says - you'd be hired on the same basis as any ordinary Polish worker, instead of as an expat on some ridiculously large salary.
OP AntV 5 | 615
3 Mar 2011 #6
Understood. Thanks.
cms 9 | 1,255
4 Mar 2011 #7
Its more to do with the benefits rather than the salary itself - on an Expat deal you would generally pay lower tax, get some flights home and good standard accomodation paid for plus (in my day) you would get some assistant for all your day to day stuff like posting letters, standing in queues, shopping etc. In return you are expected to work extremely hard - probably 15-20% more hours than you are used to in your home country.

I'm still in Poland but no longer in industry rather than in practice - there are not that many Expat accountants remaining in practice but I would guess that each big 4 firm has 20-30.
delphiandomine 88 | 18,454
4 Mar 2011 #8
on an Expat deal you would generally pay lower tax

Interesting, why would an expat get away with paying lower tax here?

I don't know much about the Polish taxation system, but if they're here for more than 185 days, wouldn't they be liable for the full whack? I wasn't aware that Poland had anything like the UK's "non-dom" status.
cms 9 | 1,255
4 Mar 2011 #9
There are at least 5 different routes to optimize your tax if you are an expat but you will need a decent accounting firm to sort them out and they involve admin costs that mean you have to be on a good wage to make them pay off. Of course the Big 4 plus second tier firms are able to sort these out for their employees and clients and defend them in court if its questioned.
4 Mar 2011 #10
you have to be on a good wage to make them pay off.

Would it be worth doing if one was on the local deal that you mention (12-14k per month)?
leskowich - | 2
13 Jun 2012 #11
CMS, I am recently relocated to Poland and have my own consulting business. I am in need of accounting assitance for invoicing my contractor 1x a month for my services.

Do you know/could you recommend any of your previous collegues who might be interested in moonlighting ? I have interviewed a few but they either had "0" english skills, or new nothing about the needs of an expat in Poland. Any assistance would be appreciated.

Best to reach me at leskowich at hotmail com


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