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Is it possible to work whilst studying in Poland?

sidou 3 | 2
1 Jun 2014 #1
Can I work when I study a preparatory course of polish language ?
1 Jun 2014 #2
Not unless you get a work permit, which you almost certainly will not get.
DominicB - | 2,709
1 Jun 2014 #3
Can I work when I study a preparatory course of polish language ?

Extremely unlikely that you will find an employer that is going to go through the trouble of getting a work permit for you. Your safest bet is to assume that you definitely not be able to work, and make your plans in accordance with that assumption.
OP sidou 3 | 2
1 Jun 2014 #4
Thank you
bhupi - | 1
17 Jan 2016 #5
Merged: study in poland

im coming to poland for the study ...
cn u tell mee in the poland the student having ah good job in their working hours..
and for i pay my loan soo in poland cn i pay tht ????
Wulkan - | 3,243
17 Jan 2016 #6
Chances of finding a job for a foreign student are very slim and chances of finding a good job are next to impossible.
InPolska 11 | 1,821
17 Jan 2016 #7
Geez! How many of such messages are we to get? What is wrong with those guys? How the he..ll can they expect to find jobs in Poland to finance their studies? They come here and of course can't make it so they sneak into Germany and elsewhere. However, it's Polish autorities" fault, they should not issue visas UNLESS concrete proof of money.
Kennyboy 1 | 47
17 Jan 2016 #8
Easy answer, foreign student wants to study in Poland, pay for the full course upfront, no cash, no visa, pretty simple solution I would say.

InPolska, bang on 100% right. Foreign student comes to Poland, fiddles about for a couple of weeks/months at most then one day, gone. If the student pays for all their course upfront 2 things might happen, 1) likely to encourage only genuine students to apply and pay, 2) cash upfront, student less likely to ''disappear''

How many more times are we going to see the same dumb, stupid questions, If I study can I work.... what is the pay for........ and the best one ever, How do I get a job if I study, these students are the ''future'' and they can't work that one out, what hope is there........
InPolska 11 | 1,821
17 Jan 2016 #9
Absolutely, Kennyboy! I don't understand why Polish consulates don't react this way! If people have no money, how the h..ll can they study, eat, pay rent, buy books, etc.......????? Yes, no money, no school, no visa! ;)
Kennyboy 1 | 47
17 Jan 2016 #10
Sorry to bang on but it has to be said, bhupi, what language do you think your going to be taught in? or is this a wind up.

InPolska, maybe you can help. Lets say a foreign student from a non EU country wants to come to Poland to study, lets say Physics, how does it work, how do they apply, who do they apply to, who says yes or no, who issues the visa they get granted.

If no money is paid upfront and if the ''student'' gets granted some sort of visa, what's to stop them just disappearing right from the get go, land at Wroclaw airport, picked up by a ''friend'' and just gone with no intention of setting foot in a university.

Finally, I'm sure there a different course costs depending on the subject but what would be the rough average cost of studying at an average university.
InPolska 11 | 1,821
17 Jan 2016 #11
@Kenny: the problem is that Mickey Mouse BS schools in Poland calling themselves "universities" but whose diplomas are worth nothing, including in Poland, attract 3rd worlders with BS programs in some pidgin English and tell them that they'll be able to find employment while studying in Poland. Said 3rd world "students" are either so stupid or so desperate (or both) that they believe anything as they want to enter EU. With their enrollment to said Mickey Mouse BS schools, they apply to Polish consulates for visas and here they come! Since of course they cannot find employment (they don't speak Polish, they have no skills and let's face it, Polish employers won't hire people from ... Bengladesh or the Philippines...), they don't attend school and then sneak into Germany or move westwards. Classical scenario! Whoever says they'll find employment is dishonest because it is not true.

I don't understand why Polish consulates issue visas so easily.

I studied in the US and I know hundreds of people of all kinds of nationalities who have studied abroard, in all kinds of countries so I know what it takes to be issued student visas.

Maybe Polish consulates in 3rd world countries should be informed of real situation or they know and don't care since said "students" move westwards shortly upon arrival in EU.
17 Jan 2016 #12
Inpolska, wow that was blunt but probably very true and honest, " BS schools in Poland calling themselves "universities"" I could say the same about the UK when i remember all the idiots that used to apply for a job with me, only the old school proper universities produced useful people, whoever decided to rename the polytechnics into universities should be sued under the trades description act.

P.S I went to a polyl ooops.
Kennyboy 1 | 47
18 Jan 2016 #13
Thanks InPolska, I think I may have the answer. Mr ''student'' goes along to the Polish consulate (in his home country I'm assuming) completes the application form and waits for their decision, lets say 2 weeks later he gets an answer, yes he can study in Poland. He's then called into the consulate and told, your course is for 3 years, the cost is 15,000zl per year and the visa is another 1,000zl, total 46,000zl, when that money is deposited with the consulate we will issue your visa. When/If the money is received the consulate then deposit the 45,000 with the appropriate university and bank the visa fees, too simple???

An interesting question might be, If the Polish consulate, lets say in Islamabad issue 1,000 ''student'' visa's, how many of the 1,000 students actually turn up to learn.

I suspect none of the students from the Middle East or Asia could speak any Polish and would expect to be taught in English, maybe some sort of language test might be appropriate.

The daughter of one of my friends is in the UK at the moment working, she had to take 2 English tests just to get a job chucking boxes for UPS.
delphiandomine 88 | 18,331
18 Jan 2016 #14
When/If the money is received the consulate then deposit the 45,000 with the appropriate university and bank the visa fees, too simple???

No, not quite. What happens is that they're supposed to have the money to pay for the fees for 1 year, as well as living costs (I don't know the current amount, but it used to be around 5000zł for one year) in the bank. If they can prove they have the money in the bank, the visa is issued. What happens then is that our non-EU friend withdraws the cash, repays the bank and goes to Poland hoping to get a job to cover the cost of everything. The scam used to work well in Western countries until they started cutting down the amount of hours of work permitted, but Poland has no such restrictions. However, they're usually told such information by local 'agents' that get a cut of the fees from the universities - what they don't know is that some guy turning up with dodgy English from halfway around the world is not going to find any work here.

But fees are never 15,000zł except for English courses in real universities. Many private diploma factories offer courses for as little as 300zł/month.

The other thing is that Poland offers the possibility to stay for 2 years after graduation without requiring a work permit. Someone that studies here for 5 years + 2 years work gains 4.5 years towards a permanent residence permit. Another 0.5 years and they've got the right of permanent stay. Furthermore, a lot of them use the time wisely to try and find a partner which guarantees them the right to stay anywhere in the EU. It's quite common to see them move to the UK after they get married to some gullible soul that believes that it's about love...

Of course, others just vanish into Germany.
Kennyboy 1 | 47
18 Jan 2016 #15
Cheers delph, I think I'm getting it. I think in the UK, foreign students can work a maximum of 16 or 20 hours a week, I watch some of those ''border patrol'' type programmes when Mr Khan is found to be working in his ''uncles'' factory for 60hrs a week and has enrolled to study at some seat of learning that turns out to be a P.O. box number.
delphiandomine 88 | 18,331
18 Jan 2016 #16
Yup, exactly what happens here, as many of these private universities simply couldn't care less if you attend or not. The problem is that the foreign 'students' don't realise that it's not so easy to get a job at some "uncles" factory because they don't exist.

I know one guy that was working for 5zł an hour in a kebab shop, for instance.
InPolska 11 | 1,821
18 Jan 2016 #17
The problem comes first of all from those Mickey Mouse BS schools which attract such "students". Everybody in Poland knows that their socalled diplomas are worth nothing and their programs in socalled English are totally useless. Yes, things happen as Delph says. As to tell them, they'll be able to find employement, it is pure BS. They don't speak the language, they have no skills and let's face it, employers in Poland won't hire them. I live in Poland and I have NEVER seen 3rd world students working.

Yes, it is a way to move to EU because of course they don't give a d... about Poland, studying... They just want to move west and especially Germany as they see on TV that Mutti Merkel has invited all of them. When they are for instance in Germany, what do they do there? ;)

It is a problem and I am shocked that authorities, including of Poland, don't see the trick....

PS: maybe the money for studying and to live while studying should be blocked! Maybe Polish authorities should keep the money in a special fund and each month give them "allowances". Very few socalled "students" would consider Poland ;)

@Kenny: "lol" re the "uncles" but here, 1. they have no "uncles", 2. they don't speak local language and 3. Poles will NOT hire them....
Bhaumik02 - | 6
14 Jan 2017 #18

Open work permit during study in Poland

Hi guys
During my study in poland is it posible to take open work permit???
DominicB - | 2,709
14 Jan 2017 #19
There are no jobs in Poland for foreign students. If you need to earn money to study, then forget about Poland. Make your plans on the very safe assumption that you will never be able to earn a single penny during your stay in Poland. If school "recruiters", "agents" or "consultants" are telling you that you can find a job in Poland, they are lying. Don't believe them.

Studying in Poland for Indian students is almost always a very bad idea, and a very poor investment.
Ak47 - | 1
19 Sep 2018 #20

Study and work

Is it hard for foreign students to get job in Poland? Scenario * knows nothing about Polish language or culture* but(but) *is good with English*

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