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Is it possible for me to work as an EMT while studying in Poland?

6 Aug 2015  #1
Hello everyone.
I have two years left of school here in the US (Idaho). I'm 17, and I really want to go to college in Poland, this year I'll begin searching for Universities to study Microbiology. And I'm also doing a course through school that will allow me to become an Emergency Medical Technician/ EMT (apart of an ambulance response team) by the time I graduate. Now, If I'm able to go to Poland could I do that part time while studying? I'm learning Polish and in two more years I hope I'll be fluent so I'm not sure the language barrier will be a problem? Is it possible I could get a job doing this?

By the way: I want to go to Poland because of the amazing language and immerse myself in the amazing Polish culture. Poland has every right to not allow me to work, I just think it'd be a huge plus if I could. I here Polish education is great and I'd save a lot money if I studied there! Poland seems like a great country and Poles should definitely be proud!

Also, I know getting work is very hard but I assume since it is a job with training, the chances are higher? Thanks in advance for any help!
cinek 2 | 335
6 Aug 2015  #2

You could try in Pogotowie Ratunkowe. They may need someone with fluent English in bigger cities. You could start as a volunteer then maybe became professional.

OP Wis11
6 Aug 2015  #3
Thanks a lot Cinek, I appreciate you answering. I'll look into that.

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