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Are there plenty of job (computer science major) in Poland

dangminhhieu78 1 | 1
22 Jul 2016 #1
I'm an international student, and I expect and love to study in Warsaw university of technology (undergraduate ). Although the cost of living and tuition fee in WUT are cheap ( compare to in other university in Australia or United State), my parents have to devote most of their asset for me to go to Poland.

I scare that if I cannot find a job in Poland and have to return to my country, I will not able to earn the amount of money that my parents give me. Therefore, my question is:

Are there plenty of job (computer science major) in Poland

I really appreciate any suggestion you can provide!
mafketis 35 | 10,671
22 Jul 2016 #2
Here are a couple links I could find in a hurry about Vietnamese people in Poland, you can probably find much better information from them than from this forum. I'm very pro Vietnamese in Poland, but many on this forum..... not so much.

Anh bat dau hoc noi tieng Ba lan chua? (that's probably wrong)

Good luck!
OP dangminhhieu78 1 | 1
22 Jul 2016 #3
Thank you so much , not only for your golden help but also for your love and care for vietnam <3

I have not start learning polish yet, but if I am able to study in WUT, i will certainly learn polish.

Thank you once again !
Grzegorz_ 51 | 6,161
22 Jul 2016 #4
There are many IT related jobs in Poland, but to make really good money you need to have real talent in this field. It's not that much about univ papers these days.

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