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About Work permit for Student Visa in Poland

8 May 2012 #1
i'm currently Working in a company in india, i'm planning to move to poland to do my MS in computer science and i would like to do some part time job there with the experience that i have, is it possible to do part time job with just student visa..?
8 May 2012 #2
I am wondering about the same issue as well. If I have student visa to Poland, am i eligible to work part-time legally?
kevinmiller - | 1
23 Jan 2013 #3
Merged: Student in Poland, Any idea of getting Polish work permit. What do you Thing about it?

I am student in Poland for last 2 years, my course is going to finish soon and i don't have any job and i don't want go back to Pakistan. But i have money, well i think it is the most important thing.

So, i am thinking about some possibilities of getting work permit but before doing anything serious i need some Polish advice too.
Here's my financial situation, My Parents originally wanted me to study in Canada, but i got refused my Canadian immigration. So i have a lot of funds. Now i am thinking about the following possibilities of getting a work permit

1- Start a small garments business in Poland, a small shop or something like that. (My father is already involved in this business and well i can sale best quality imported garments at cheap rates especially in German and France)

2- It's an evil one. well, i am thinking of paying an employer to hire me and do paper work me.

So what do you think, which idea would serve my purpose.

Thank you
Vipul Saxsena
28 Apr 2015 #4
I am from India and I am going to study to Poland. So I want know that on student visa, is it easy to apply for a work permit and permanent residence ? and how much it takes a time ?
16 Jul 2015 #5
hello, i am study there internship.yes! all you can work for 20 to 21 hrs in poland ! good luck to all !
20 Nov 2015 #6
Hi everyone can you tell how I can change my student visa to Work permit I have sweden visa can I changed to Poland work permit
Polsyr 6 | 758
20 Nov 2015 #7
sweden visa can I changed to Poland work permit

No you cannot.
Your perspective employer has to apply for a work permit for you in Poland on your behalf.
Abhishek tiwari
31 Jan 2016 #8
Hello ! I'm belongs to nepal & I'm planing to study in Poland. Can I apply for part time job there during academic period ? How can it possible to find out any suit job for a bachelor student ? If possible, how much we can earn per hour in average ?
Grzegorz_ 51 | 6146
31 Jan 2016 #9
how much we can earn per hour in average ?

Most likely 0. Someone is fooling you that you can work here to support yourself and pay edu fees. Unless you have enough money to support yourself, don't come here.
InPolska 9 | 1805
31 Jan 2016 #10
How many of such messages are we to get???? Who in the world told them that there "are" jobs in Poland for ... Nepalese or Indian "students"????? Of course, they only want to enter EU through Poland and into Germany and so forth.
delphiandomine 86 | 17920
31 Jan 2016 #11
Someone is fooling you that you can work here to support yourself and pay edu fees.

Exactly this.

There's a reason why fees are very low.
Wroclaw1010 3 | 91
31 Jan 2016 #12
Who in the world told them that there "are" jobs in Poland for ... Nepalese or Indian "students"?

The official website promoting higher education in Poland says so. Such a misleading information just to attract foreign students :-(
studyinpoland /en/index.php/about-poland/7-living-in-poland

There's a reason why fees are very low.

I don't think it's cheap here. Places like Germany, Austria, Belgium(public universities of course) are a lot cheaper in terms of fees than Poland. The reason why people (especially non-europeans) are interested in Poland is due to the lesser competition in securing a place in a university. Moreover, the entry requirements here are quite flexible. In countries like Germany, France, Austria the competition is fierce so you have to satisfy every little bit of the entry requirement before your application file will be attended to.
InPolska 9 | 1805
1 Feb 2016 #13
@Wroclaw: if it is the official site, it is terrible and unfair to all those people! Of course, none of them will find any work and 99.99% of them will illegally move westwards and to do what there?????? This is also scary from a European point of vue and EU should get on Poland's case because once more Poland plays AGAINST EU.

As to foreign universities, they demand almost perfect knowledge of local language since very few of them offer programs in "socalled English" like some schools do in Poland (for the sole purpose of getting money from naive 3rd worlders since their diplomas are worth 0") and it is obvious that 3rd worlders at best have some broken English but ZERO French, Dutch, German, Spanish, Italian, Greek, Finnish...... to study in Europe. As to finances, besides UK where it is very expensive, all other EU countries are no more expensive than Poland and also most European countries offer scholarships (based upon incomes so no problem for 3rd worlders to qualify).

Yes, 3rd worlders cannot apply to other EU universities and serious schools because they don't have the academic and the language skills to do so and also most of them not being genuine students ;). While selling worthless diplomas, Poland offers free entrance to richer EU. Nobody (including Polish consular authorities) is stupid enough to believe that 3rd worlders are so interested in Poland ;).

Basically, who is guilty? Poland for misleading those desperate 3rd worlders.
preetham preeth
19 May 2016 #14
hi all,
Right now i am in georgia, i have Temporary Resident Card, but i have interested to go poland,
one my friend told me you will get poland work permit visa with in 10 days,

if it is possible or not possible please give exact information friends i am confusing abot this.

kindly let me know as early as possible.

istannbullu34 1 | 100
20 May 2016 #15
work permit visa with in 10 days,

must have been kidding, it will take months to take it. First, you have to find an employer to be sponsor for you and wait for work permit and then apply for visa, it will take a few months in best case.
Raju Magar
12 Nov 2016 #16
I want to Apply poland for futur study.
I am from Nepal I have passed +2 In 68% in Cumers But 2 years gap.can I apply or not?
Adam9o - | 2
24 Nov 2016 #17
How long is the minimum time for work permit to be issued, if I will work is big company like Microsoft or GOOGLE ?
26 Nov 2016 #18
It depends on the contract they will sign with you but max. is for 3 years. Let us know if you're interested in any sort of paperwork or consultancy. Feel free to write to
18 Apr 2017 #19
Hii..i want to study in poland i have completed my bachelors in commerce in 2015 and percentage is 46% am i eligible for poland i got a offer letter from university, so will i get visa from embassy?
DominicB - | 2707
18 Apr 2017 #20

Studying in an English language course at a Polish university is generally a waste of time and money. The degrees are essentially worthless on the job market.

Which university did you get an offer from?
Lyzko 43 | 9527
18 Apr 2017 #21
Couldn't agree more, DominicB!

The question I've kept asking myself is why would someone from abroad no less, wish to come to Poland (for that matter, any non-native-English-speaking country) and study English rather than in the US, the UK, Australia or even Canada?

If it's a question merely of expense and that, for example, Poland is closer than the other countries mentioned, is it honestly worth it in the end being so penny-wise and pound foolish??!

Imagine a Senegalese going to America in order to study German, or a Lithuanian traveling to Italy to study Spanish

This is just another classic example of globalism run amok:-) It makes no sense, even if it makes some cents))))
DominicB - | 2707
18 Apr 2017 #22

What's actually going on here is a scam. The students are being scammed by the schools and by "recruiters", "agents" or "consultants" promising cheap degrees that will help them easily get jobs in the EU, and also tell them that it is easy for foreign students to find part-time jobs to finance their studies. The thing that disgusts me most is that this scam is being run by the serious state-run Polish universities, who have put together a website called study in poland to lure gullible, naive and desperate students from poor countries. The poor suckers pay for the first year up front, but end up figuring out that they are getting ripped off and quit their studies, which suits the universities just fine, as there is no shortage of gullible suckers out there to replace them. Cash in the pocket for the university rectors.
Lyzko 43 | 9527
18 Apr 2017 #23
"What's actually going on here is a scam."

You're telling me!! Really?????!! Naaah, coulda knocked me over with a feather.
3 Jul 2017 #24
Hii ...I m planning to study masters in Poland I have completed engineering in civil in 2015 ....If I try can I get any internships in Poland while studying
DominicB - | 2707
3 Jul 2017 #25

Paid internships? Probably not. Internships in Poland are either unpaid or very poorly paid.

If you need to earn money to finance your studies, then Poland is not the country for you. Make your plans on the very safe assumption that you will never be able to earn even a single penny during your stay in Poland.
jon357 73 | 23043
3 Jul 2017 #26
If I try can I get any internships in Poland while studying

They do exist, however they're quite competitive. Nevertheless, Poland is a great place to study and even settle afterwards if you find you like it. Good luck, and hopefully you will enjoy Poland.
7 Jul 2017 #27
Hi I am studying in France i got internship in Poland and my company has applied for work permit for me. so the question is do i need to obtain a Polish visa after i receive the work permit? and how long it will take to receive the work permit?
DominicB - | 2707
7 Jul 2017 #28

That depends where you are from and what kind of visa you have to study in France, and how long it is valid for. You're going to have to contact the Polish embassy or consulate nearest you. Nothing anybody says here is going to be helpful.

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