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Work Permit and Requirement (not authorized to work in Poland)

anjan42 1 | 3
1 Aug 2012 #1
I recently applied for a job in Poland while I was not authorized to work there so it was obvious that I would need to get a work permit for that . Although I have good amount of experience and a large list of certifications which makes my profile impressive as compared to others , I was being informed by the recruiter that since I don't have a bachelors degree Govt. of Poland will not issue work permit for me and hence I wasn't considered for that position even when I had an attractive profile .

These kinds of cases just come up rarely I believe and recruiter may have informed me on basis of assumptions because of which I would like to clarify on this forum that the main requirement to gain a work permit in any country is a job offer , apart from that is there a requirement for a bachelors degree ?
delphiandomine 88 | 18,116
2 Aug 2012 #2
It's pretty unlikely that a work permit would be granted for a job that doesn't require a bachelor's degree or equal.
OP anjan42 1 | 3
2 Aug 2012 #3
Thanks for the reply delphiandomine but I wanted to know if the govt. requires a bachelors degree for a work permit as I don't see that mentioned on website anywhere . There are a few specialized field where employers offer work permit and willing to hire international candidates .
2 Aug 2012 #4
I don't live in Poland , but you don't mention what type of job you applied for.
Do you work in a specialist field? Many jobs these days require a degree as standard, regardless of experience.
WatWat 3 | 43
2 Aug 2012 #5
A lot depends on what kind of job it is, what country you come from, what kind fo employer you have and what kind of permit you need.

I worked in Poland, had a card of stay and everything (two different vovidships and employers), and I didn't need a bachelor's (at no point in the immigration process did they even assess my qualifications or credentials).

My advice is to first talk to the Polish consulate in your country, and if you don't get a satisfactory answer talk to your country's embassy in Poland. My consulate in Krakow was useless, but my embassy in Warsaw was brilliant. It took the slightest bit of persistence to get them to help (really, not much), and then they got me everything I needed and continued checking up on me until the immigration process was complete.
OP anjan42 1 | 3
2 Aug 2012 #6
Thanks for the detailed reply . My work area is Network Security Engineering and company is a multi national, company is willing to exempt the degree requirement but my question was for Work Permit which is issued by govt . I also recently was interviewed by a recruiter from Ireland for a position where she stated that I would need a degree but upon my request to re-check , it was clear that they dont need a degree for this purpose . The only thing required was 18+ years of age and a job offer letter from that company .

There are times where recruiters are not sure about this thing and assume that this would be a govt requirement while I dont see this to be a requirement for countries across the globe . btw I am from South Asia and I will surely contact the local embassy/consulate for this issue .
terri 1 | 1,663
2 Aug 2012 #7
you are getting somewhat confused.
Let's start from the beginning.
In order to get a work permit you need to have a job. If a company is not willing to empply you (for whatever reason) then the government cannot do anything. No one can force an employer to employ you. The fact of having a degree, a PhD or millions in the bank does not come into it - you need to find an employer willing to employ you.

You have no come-back on an employer who has chosen another candidate fopr the position, even if that other candidate did not possess your skills.

Employers have a right to employ whomever they want. .
OP anjan42 1 | 3
3 Aug 2012 #8
I think its getting confused . Point is company is willing to offer work letter but recruiter was thinking that I will not receive a Work permit from Poland government even if I have an offer letter from the company because I dont have a degree .

So question was , will a degree be required FROM GOVT. to offer work permit or Offer Letter and 18+ age is the only requirement for an engineer post .

apologies for all the confusion
terri 1 | 1,663
3 Aug 2012 #9
In that case, I assume that the recruiter is 'on the ball' with all the Goverment regulations regarding 'work permits' - I think not.
The only way to see if it works is to try - they (the Government - but strictly speaking the Town Council) can either allow you to have a work permit or not.
Viv23 - | 2
9 Mar 2018 #10

Age Limit for Work Visa in Poland

Warm Greeting To All..

I need to know can a 50 aged person get job in Poland ?
O WELL 1 | 156
10 Mar 2018 #11
Sure can,if you are qualified for the job or and have experience.
Pouya - | 2
15 Mar 2018 #12
Hi! I have PhD and have a job offer in Poland. I am a non-EU citizen but hold a permanent residence of another EU country. I can enter Poland and stay up to 3 months as a tourist, but apparently I need residence and work permit.

Would you please tell me how much I time I need to receive residence and work permit? and what are the sequences to apply? Do I need to apply for a residence card first and then work or? I also appreciate you kindly tell me since when I can start the work, is it after application for work permit or I must wait to receive it! Thanks a lot!

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