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Can a Poland work permit holder can work in Denmark/EU?

mafketis 34 | 12,243
9 Jun 2018 #31
i can work anywhere in europ after get poland work permit

Ask for an "Ice cream and ponies" visa....
23 Jun 2018 #32
as per law u cannot. but many come from poland and work in black
28 Jun 2018 #33
What if I want to move to a Third World country? I know that effectively I don't need a work permit to work or residence permit to live, because half of the population are unregistered stateless anyway... but I'm afraid I look too "eastern" to be taken as an inuk, and there are no Danish tribes... And Icelandic are assumed "extinct"... Maybe some leftovers who decided to settle down in the middle of a glacier, and are now a part of the Inuit mythology :Ð
Lyzko 34 | 8,354
28 Jun 2018 #34
Iceland probably remains the most homogeneous European nation to date. Even the dirty, difficult, and dangerous jobs are not done by foreigners, I'm told:-)
28 Jun 2018 #35
8% of population are Polish in Iceland
Lyzko 34 | 8,354
29 Jun 2018 #36
??? You can't be serious! Just over the past few years several Icelanders whom I've encountered confirmed to me that their country remained nearly one-hundred-percent native-born ethnic Icelandic! This change then must be comparatively recent, yes?

Statistically, 8% out of roughly 345,000 inhabitants seems terribly high, don't you think?

Quick addendum. Most foreigners in Iceland have historically been only tourists, visitors, perhaps temporary staff working on some project for a fixed period of time, thereafter returning to their country.
mafketis 34 | 12,243
29 Jun 2018 #37
several Icelanders whom I've encountered confirmed to me

they could be talking about citizens (and not residents...) there is a difference
Lyzko 34 | 8,354
29 Jun 2018 #38
...yet about Icelanders nonetheless, maf., full citizens or not.
mafketis 34 | 12,243
29 Jun 2018 #39
No. Someone who works for Iceland a few years then leaves is not an Icelander by any stretch of the imagination. Similarly the million plus Ukrainians in Poland are not Polish....
Lyzko 34 | 8,354
30 Jun 2018 #40
Sorry maf, I was referring to the actual population of the country, which, as I've read even in recent stats, is by and large certainly these days roughly 90% homogeneous in the very least.
kaprys 3 | 2,286
30 Jun 2018 #41
My neighbours' son and his girlfriend live and work in Iceland :)
Pretty normal within the EEA.
Lyzko 34 | 8,354
1 Jul 2018 #42
Practically all Icelanders know fluent English. along with at least two or more official EU-languages, so it shouldn't be a problem at all.
Interestingly, although only middling in my knowledge of Icelandic, the Icelanders with whom I still keep in contact, speak excellent Danish:-)
Their English is of course what you'd expect from educated Scandinavians.
5 Sep 2018 #43
Can a Polish work permit holder work in Sweden
Alexbrz 3 | 78
6 Sep 2018 #44
a Polish work permit holder can work in... guess. Take a ******* guess.

ITS IN THE ******* NAME.

>>>>POLISH<<<<< work permit.

Question number 2: Is SWEDEN in POLAND?

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