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Poland's Work Permit Document Apostille

30 Mar 2018 #1
Hi All,

I have recently got a offer from 3M company for Software Developer.

I have accepted it and They have applied for my work permit in Feb month.

Now they are asking due to new Rules I also need to send all my document in original by post.

I argued that I cant take such risk, now they are saying that you can send Apostilled documents.

I have done some researched on google for Apostille services and found that they are charging 10k per document.

can any help me for the same ? How can I get work permit ? any alternate way except Apostiile ?

Thanks in advance.

#Plz Help
30 Mar 2018 #2
10k of what? In Poland, notaries charge 6 zl per page for certification of documents.
OP Subodhsharma12
30 Mar 2018 #3
I am in India , 10k in india .
30 Mar 2018 #4
It costs max. 5 Rs per page in India: quora/How-much-does-a-notary-charge-for-attestation-of-documents-and-certificates-in-bangalore
cms neuf - | 2,234
30 Mar 2018 #5
Its an apostille they are asking for not notarization.

Why dont you send the docs by fedex or ups ? Would be cheaper than an apostille but much less risk than the post
OP Subodhsharma12
3 Apr 2018 #6
He asked me to send Apostile/Notarized Documents in the mail.

Now I am wondering that Apostile can be done on original document only then again I need to send the original document.

Can you clear the doubt ? How can I perform Notrization on my documents?

these are required for Work Permit.

Please help , I can not send original documents as risk involvement.

@cms neuf
cms neuf - | 2,234
3 Apr 2018 #7
Really you should ask 3m to sort it out for you and pay the relevant costs - it's a big company and you will not be the first expat who needed a work permit.

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