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Paying taxes - better to register as self-employed here in Poland?

8 Jul 2015 #1
Hi. I have relocated to Poland from one of it's close neighbor country (also EU) and I am working as a contractor based on my country's business certificate (some kind of self-employed person).

I was planning to pay taxes for my country, but few days ago one of my colleagues recommended me to better register as self-employed person here in Poland because there could be some problems with Polish tax institutions.

Registering of it would cost me more money and time, so I am not very into that.

Could anyone please tell is there a real risk for me that I would get money from Polish company but pay taxes for my country? Thanks.
9 Jul 2015 #2
If your country of origin is in the EU then I doubt it'd be worthwhile for you to register a contracting business in Poland because that would only waste your time and won't save you money on taxes. Poland and other EU countries have tax treaties so no matter which country you pay your taxes you will not have to pay twice (in your country of origin and in Poland). Besides, working as a contractor vs. regular employee has less strict laws in terms of taxes and employment.

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