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I want to pay someone in Poland to work remotely for my UK business. Should they become self employed?

26 Aug 2015 #1
We are a Uk internet business and there is a developer in poland that I would like to employ. I do not know if it is better for me to try and set up a business in Poland and pay him, or if I shoul ask them to become self employed and then invoice me. If they were to become self employed it seems like it would be easier for me, but I wanted to know what costs would he incur in Poland in terms of Setup and then also the ZUS monthly contribution as I would like to take care of this for them.

Can anyone help me on this?

27 Aug 2015 #2
The best way for you would be to ask them to send you an invoice for job completed. You don't care if they are self-employed or not - they would be performing the job in Poland and not on your company's premises, so how and if they pay taxes should not be of your concern as long as they have a contractor's (not regular employee) status and as long as you pay your own taxes in the UK.
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29 Aug 2015 #3
I 'm working as a designer in Poland and looking to have my own firm to add on top of my regular job, so I can guide you a bit about this in general terms. The fine print escapes me as my Polish is still quite raw.

He can setup a company and issue the invoice. The costs would most probably start with the 19% of income tax off anything you pay him. Plus a fix amount per month for just having the company. This amount would vary depending on if he has a full time job already (~50GBP/month as base plus other expenses such as accountant, etc) and if he doesn't then he can apply for the preferential rate (~100GBP + other minor expenses) or the regular rate (200~GBP + other minor expenses).

If you want to establish a company in Poland, and pay him a salary, it will most probably cost you a lot more. If you want to pay him let's say 600GBP in hand, you'd have to pay another 400GBP for the brutto, and sum whatever costs come from having the company.

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