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Au pair in Poland, how much should I earn? Taxes and insurance.

vega_sum 2 | 7
10 Aug 2008 #1
Hello, I've been thinking in going to Poland as an au pair and a few families have already contacted me, so I'd like to know how much money should I ask, because I don't know how much it's normal in Poland. If it's around 8 hours a day, how much would it be?
gleite 6 | 38
10 Aug 2008 #2
Hey vega_sum, I had a conversation just today with my aunt, who lives in France and she related to me some negative recommendations about this au pair program... It seems that your life can be very miserable once you will earn just the basic for living... and if the family hiring you doesn't have enough money to sustent you, probably you'll have a big problem.... and in Poland that happens a lot... Please other members explain a bit better the reality...
OP vega_sum 2 | 7
11 Aug 2008 #3
Thanks for your reply gleite.
I was as an au pair in England and it was good there, so I thought it would be good to spend some time in Poland in the same way, because I get a place to live and some money, which isn't much, but it's enough just for some time. I don't go for the money, I only want to learn Polish and learn about the Polish culture.

In England I was paid 90 euros a week, and in Poland I've seen that I can get about the same, for what some families have told me, and I think that's not bad.

I know some girls who have had bad experiences as au pairs, because their families were selfish and rude with them, but I guess it depends.
gleite 6 | 38
16 Aug 2008 #4
Then you are a backpacker!
Thats nice... Once I am in Poland, I am able to tell you a bit more of au pair and stuff... Probably by end of September... Anyway, you like studying other cultures.. is that it ? :)
jump_bunny 5 | 237
4 Jul 2009 #5
What money did the families exactly offer to you? Do you speak Polish? I can't imagine looking after kids if you don't unless you rather want to be a housekeeper? I have been an au pair myself and I didn't like it.
Florin 2 | 40
11 Jun 2010 #6
Hello. I am interested about this too. Where can I found a website for this matter? Usually I can find websites for Polish people to go in England , Germany, Ireland , Usa etc but not for people from abroad to go in Poland..
11 Aug 2010 #7
I am going to Poland in two months and there is nothing on the au pair sites about things I will need to take with me, what to expect, if I need a visa, etc....if anyone knows this info please help!!!!
David_18 68 | 982
11 Aug 2010 #8
You won't be able to earn any cash that way.

Be happy to even get 2000 zloty.
peterweg 37 | 2,320
11 Aug 2010 #9
Be happy to even get 2000 zloty.

Be happy to earn 500, you get paid spending money to be an Au Pair.

My brother in law is very happy to get paid 2000zloty operating quarrying equipment which is a skilled job, an au pair provided with food and accommodation should not expect anything like 2000 per month.
sujini 1 | 4
16 Aug 2010 #10
If I want to go to Poland to become an aupair so what should i do? and where can i find information about aupair? What are the conditions?

skysoulmate 14 | 1,295
16 Aug 2010 #11
Here in the US an au pair is a glorified maid, baby sitter, etc. It's often very busy work. (Unless of course she works for a friend of Tiger Woods, gets introduced to Tiger, marries him and several years later divorces him after his cheating becomes a tabloid fodder. Now she's a very rich former au-pair. ;)

Good luck to you, be careful and have back-up plans just in case.
19 Jan 2016 #12
Merged: Au pairing in Poland - advice needed

Dear all,

I'm considering of bringing an au pair to Poland from my home country (another EU country). Could someone advice me on issues to consider with regards to taxation, insurances and so on. Many thanks!
jon357 71 | 21,086
19 Jan 2016 #13
You'd need to give a contract of employment - this is essential. For tax, insurance etc, you really do need to consult a bookkeeper. They aren't expensive. This is essential since in Poland the system is quite fiddly and you can be fined for a small miscalculation.

Most locals would just discreetly pay cash...

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