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Any PAID internships for college students in and or around Poland?

25 Mar 2014 #1
Does anyone know about any PAID summer internships in Poland? If there is none in Poland, then do you know of any in Germany or anywhere close by? Anywhere in Europe would honestly be fine. This needs to be a well-paid summer internship. Currently in California I make 10$ an hour in the summer, so I need a job that will either match this pay or exceed it. I am looking for a job in Business that will look good on my resume. If you know about anything please let me know.

Thank you

Anyone know about any???
Monitor 14 | 1,820
27 Mar 2014 #2
Well paid internships are only for people with exceptional achievements from top schools in the world who managed to get into internship programs of top companies. You don't find them on Moreover you should generally expect lower pay in Europe than in USA, because on average salaries are lower and taxes higher here. If you can revise your pay expectations then go to your local office and inquiry about internship possibilities.
jock3r37 2 | 11
27 Mar 2014 #3
[Moved from]: ANY kind of financial assistance for international students in Poland?

I wonder if there are any scholarships or financial assistance for prospective international students in Poland. I managed to find some information but I doubt it was true and up-to-date.

1) I read that at least 2 types of scholarships are possible: academical (for students who got high grades in the last semester; they can receive a 30-100% of discount, in other words they get back the money they paid 6 months ago) and social (for those students who come from poor countries; they can receive some money to cover living expenses). I don't know though what specific eligibility criteria are. In addition, institutions tend to say very little about available financial assistance.

2) Refugees and ppl seeking protection in the RP have the same rights as Polish citizens. This means they pay much less compared to other foreign students.

Do you know anything about this? If you have any information on scholarships or financial assistance apart from what I wrote please share it. All sources and links are welcomed.

Tlum 11 | 186
5 Apr 2014 #4
That's an interesting question. If funds are available, they probably come from EU, not Poland directly?
Else - | 4
25 May 2014 #5
any ideas for internships at UBS? how much are they paid?
Monitor 14 | 1,820
26 May 2014 #6
It's just 35 people, but says that on average they pay 3500 PLN gross for Data Analys and 4000 for "Associate". Not much as for full time employee.

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