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Overtime no honoured by employer in Poland

8 Jan 2015 #1

On the 31st of December our working time was 0900 - 1500 due that it was the last day of the year. (normal worktime: 0900 - 1700).
I started my day, half hour earlier: 0830 - 1500. Which should entitle me for 30 minutes time credit/overtime (as we call this here.).
HR told me that I have NO RIGHTS to get this 30 minutes overtime because we worked only untill 1500 instead of 1700.

What you guys think? Should I get this overtime or do I have no rights for it? 30 minutes isn't that much but I still want to know what my rights are.


whyikit 6 | 102
8 Jan 2015 #2
I do not know what the laws are in Poland however in the UK you would have been laughed at. In all honesty if I was your manager I would be looking to manage you out of the business now. The company decided to let you away 2 hours early and you complained about coming in 30mins early which was your choice....
rozumiemnic 8 | 3,840
8 Jan 2015 #3
Anna you are joking right? wish I had a job where I could just swan in early as I liked and then claim overtime for it!
Roger5 1 | 1,457
8 Jan 2015 #4
Sounds like Anna got 1.5 hours off as a New Year's Eve present from a fair employer (an employer who may well be thinking of letting her go).
InWroclaw 89 | 1,915
8 Jan 2015 #5
If they paid you until 5pm but let you go at 3pm, I would doubt there's anything positive that would come of raising it as an issue with HR. If you're unhappy or resent your employer or managers, perhaps start applying for other employment while still in this job because it's usually easier to find a different job when already in a job.

(btw If they deducted 2 hours' pay because they unilaterally decided to shorten the day, you might have a grievance if you really want to be bothered with it, depending on your contract.)
Marsy101 1 | 24
8 Jan 2015 #6
but I still want to know what my rights are

Anna, honesty no offence intended but the reality is, if I were your employer and you raised this issue with me, I would be seriously questioning your commitment to your role and your place in the company. (regardless of what your rights might be in this situation)

I don't know what job you do but generally speaking I don't understand overtime outside of McDonalds, Subway and other service sector jobs where people are paid minimum wage, by the hour and every hour counts. If you're employed in a professional role and you care about career development you should put in more hours than those around you, get in to the office before your boss and leave afterwards and don't complain it openly to colleagues or HR.

I know that doesn't necessarily scream efficiency but employers are more often than not looking for people who can commit themselves fully to the role.

Some friendly advice, that's all.

I would doubt there's anything positive that would come of raising it as an issue with HR

pigsy 7 | 305
8 Jan 2015 #7
McDonalds, Subway

There is almost not a minute you dont stop working there,one has to be constantly doing something to get to wear a blue shirt(shift manager) and even harder to wear a white shirt(manager).

Some friendly advice, that's all.

good advice:)

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