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Outsourcing software dev work to Poland - what's your experience?

Louis75 2 | 7
9 Nov 2014 #1

Has anyone recently outsourced work to a software developer in Poland?

If yes, what was your experience and what lessons did you learn?

I would also love to hear from developers based in Poland with experience in designing and building apps.


whimsicaleight 1 | 2
21 Nov 2014 #2
I used to work with a wordpress developer on ODesk who was excellent. He was polish. I do not know whether he live in Poland or somewhere else. His communication was excellent which is the key.
Fero - | 3
19 Nov 2015 #3
Merged: Ways to lovely Poland

I've searched on this website about this but didn't find something useful,
I love Poland and polish culture it's more than one year that I have decided and am trying to immigrate to Poland but unfortunately I couldn't realize my dream yet, unfortunately I don't have much money to come there through investment ways, my field of speciality is IT (db/ software development) but I even couldn't get a job offer from there while I tried too much, it seems the IT job market of Poland is highly competitive specially for none EU applicants so far I'll appreciate too much if someone give me some advice or hints on easiest way to Poland for me.

I'm secular and I have also started to learn Polish language but I'm beginner.

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