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Opportunities for a foreign student seeking an work Internship in Poland?

11 Apr 2014 #1
Hi to all, I am about to flight to Lodz, Poland at the end of the year, I am latino, I wonder if there might be opprotunities to get enroll at an intership at Poland, even if a am Latin American?
DominicB - | 2707
11 Apr 2014 #2
Almost certainly not, if you try to do it on your own. There is a chance if you apply through some international exchange foundation or agency, though. Expect the internship to be unpaid, although you might get a modest stipend from the foundation or agency that may, or may not, cover travel expenses and living expenses. Inquire at the dean's office or foreign studies office at your university.

Frankly, the opportunities for internships in Poland are very limited, especially for non-EU citizens. I would concentrate my efforts on finding an internship either in your own country or elsewhere.
dziem - | 3
5 Oct 2015 #3
Merged: A senior Mechanical Engineering student seeking for internship

Hello guys,

I am a 22 year old, senior Mechanical Engineering student from Turkey. My target is to find an internship place and continue with working in there after graduation. Is there anyone who may help me to find a company which is not necessarily to be a well known one?

I thank all of you guys in advance :)
KaanKILIC 1 | 4
30 May 2016 #4
Merged: Looking for internship in Poland?

Hi everyone,

This is kaan from turkey. I study in poland. Currently Im looking for an internship. They said I must do it in poland but it is hard to find an internship for me bec of poor polish skills. Can please someone help me or lead the way about how to find an intership ?

Dzieki ^^
Lyzko 43 | 9529
31 May 2016 #5

If language skills are the issue standing between you and employment in Poland following your internship, then for heaven's sake take a basic language course, precisely as if I for instance, an American, were seeking work in Turkey, I too would have to learn at least the foundation of the local lingo:-)

Although as in the rest of Europe, English is widely used and spoken (particularly among other non-native English speakers working in multinational corporations!), there's NEVER a legitimate substitute for learning the language of the country in which you're living, and especially, working.

Other than as a mere tourist, foreign languages when interacting with others on a daily basis might not get you as far as you think!


Many find learning a foreign language time consuming and onerous, yet not doing so will only make things tougher later on! Certainly, there are sure to be internships where the target language isn't required, but I assume you want to get to know Polish people, not simply hang out your entire stay with other Turks:-)

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