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Online Poland's visa status

5 Sep 2017 #1
I am in Poland and waiting for approving my work visa. Is there any website where I can check my visa status online ?? I don't have a permanent address yet so I'm not sure if they are going to send me paperwork to this address or if I should try to contact the embassy again and ask about the status? I tried calling them but the phone line is busy; I left a message but I doubt they would even listen to them. How long does the process may take? I don't want to contact an attorney just to find out about the status. I think they told me it could take a month or so (I wish I had chosen an option to speed it up but I think the cost was pretty much higher than the standard delivery).

Also, would they send me this new / bio-metric passport? Is it now required in Poland, it may be since it's the EU territory.
Looker - | 1,119
4 Oct 2017 #2
Where did you submit your visa application? Some Poland's departments provide possibility to check foreigners' cases online. When you submit your visa application, they would (usually) send you a confirmation that they have received it. The confirmation's goal is to inform you about important phone numbers and websites to check your application and to confirm your physical address. In general, it's unsafe to allow to check the status online (to avoid fraudulent activities), so the mail-process, even though it's slower, is typically safer and more reliable.
Tayyab gulfam
20 Jul 2018 #3
I want to study in Poland. Do I need a resident visa or there is something called student visa to be a student?

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