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New business start-up in Poland - opinions and ideas

Kilobyte - | 1
4 Oct 2017 #31
I am running wholesale online now in footwear, contact me if we can corporate :)
bunty 1 | 7
24 Oct 2017 #32

I don't know if this thread is still active or not but waiting for some valuable advice.

Actually, I am looking for a partner in Poland specially in Warsaw/Krakow to start up a business. Currently, I am located in Bangalore, India.

What will be the minimum budget to start a small business which gives an average profit and can be expand later ? I know this doesn't make any sense because budget is depend upon the type of business which you do and the other factors. But still your valuable input will be really appreciable.

How is the idea of opening a Power Yoga and Ayurvedic Massage center ? Or How is the idea of opening a small photo printing/designing shop? Or a good Salon & SPA center.?

Also, I have lots of friends who are in exporting business and exporting N number of things from India to across the world. So, if anyone looking for a particular things from India which can be a salable in Poland then I might can help.

Other option is that If I like the idea then I am also open to invest in an already running business.

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