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Multinational company in Poland - high school diploma , they will check??

DomyCobain 1 | 4
8 Jun 2013 #1
I got hired in a famouse multinational company here in poland. Position is the lowest...Customer care..

they asked me a copy of the highest certificate of education.

I lied them and told I have high school diploma, too bad, I have never finished.

Now they need to make some documents and prepare the contract.

They asked me to bring or send by email a scan of this high school certificate. i made it up with photoshop using my friend's one and look perfect

My question is: they only need it because of documents or are they gonna check?? I am not polish so they can have access to this kind of datas to my country? I am not speaking about bachelor or university, but just high school diploma.

Dzieki :)
8 Jun 2013 #2
Many people lie about their qualities. "I'm hard working" when you're lazy, "I work well in a team" when you're antisocial, "I perform under pressure" when a six month deadline cracks you... but lying about qualifications? That's plain s..silly. Since nothing anyone here says will actually change what you plan on doing, they're not likely to check its authenticity. But if they do, for some reason, and find that you lied. You'll deserve every consequence :)
OP DomyCobain 1 | 4
8 Jun 2013 #3
And tll me one thing...
who gaves u theright to tell me that i deserve consequence??

maybe i am even more valid than a lot of people I know with a degree.
I speak 5 languges, Had a lot of experience on the field.... And you do not even know how ****** I feel by depending from a piece of paper....

please think twice before saying these things...

my question was easy.....and didnt ask for judges....

I asked..: Do multinational companies (ex. HP, IBM, GOOGLE) check if I have really done this High School?

and also : Why do they ask certificate? They are going to check or it is just formality??

I know this is not correct, but i have no way out...and if there is also a little opportunity for me to do this i have to do it for my wife and my son.
sobieski 107 | 2,128
8 Jun 2013 #4
a famouse

Did they check your command of English as well?
Companies these days check your profile also on LinkedIn, even on fb.
OP DomyCobain 1 | 4
8 Jun 2013 #5
I never studied english. I learned languages by living in countries.

I am not on linkedin and my fb profile is private.

said that... Nobody hasn't answered yet to my question...

so please , if you guys can.. try to ignore personal comments or private english lessons... thanks
mafketis 29 | 9,972
9 Jun 2013 #6
In Poland having the right qualifications on paper is very important.

They will not be amused if they found about your dishonesty. Whether this leads to dismissal is impossible to say without more info (which you'd be a food to give here).

And I don't know if they'll settle for a scan forever, better start looking for a good counterfeiter....
sobieski 107 | 2,128
9 Jun 2013 #7
Headhunters & recruiters in my experience do not ask for your qualifications on paper. I never heard of such a thing. What they will do is check your info on LinkedIn and in an advanced stage of the recruitment ask for references. Anyway you have to be mad lying about your degree.
mochadot18 15 | 242
9 Jun 2013 #8
I work for a hospital and they checked into my references where they talked about where I went to school, so you might want to inform them. But as for lying, i'm sorry but that is plain stupid, if you are so qualified otherwise, why did you have to lie??? And if you are so smart then why couldn't you finish high school. But likely for your job since it isn't anything big just a lowball job at least for now they shouldn't do too much checking. But if you hope to move up in the company I would just strongly suggest that you try to get at least your GED online so that you don't have to be dishonest. Not trying to scold you but if you get a better position and they find out you have lied it could really affect things like your benefits not to mention you'll never be getting a good reference from them for any future jobs. Lying on a job application shows a fundamental flaw in character - dishonesty. It is also a type of Fraud.

P.S saying that you are harder working than you really are is a big difference than lying about your credentials. LOL

Just 2 examples I get that this is somewhat bigger than what you did as they are lying about college but still just too show you. (don't get mad)

Biden claimed he attended Syracuse University College of Law on a full academic scholarship and graduated in the top half of the class. He actually received a partial scholarship based on financial aid and finished 76th in a class of 85. This incident, coupled with charges of speech plagiarism, resulted in Biden's termination of his 1988 bid for the presidency. As we all know, his 2010 campaign had a different outcome.

After being expelled from Bowdoin College for plagiarism, Wheeler was admitted to Harvard University claiming he attended an elite high school and MIT. He claimed he wrote several books and he won prize and grant money with plagiarized work. He was outed when he applied for Rhodes and Fulbright scholarships and a professor noticed similarities between his application and the work of a colleague. After he was expelled, he crafted fictitious resumes that he planned to use to apply for an internship or to Yale or Brown University. He was arrested and charged with larceny and identity fraud.

Not sure if making a false Diploma copied from a friends would get you in trouble for fraud.
OP DomyCobain 1 | 4
9 Jun 2013 #9
I couldn't finish High School because I had to work to help my family in economic difficulties. unfortunatelly.

I repeat, I am not speaking about a DEGREE....


maybe they can check on some database a university degree.. but .. my question once again is ....THEY CAN CHECK A HIGH SCHOOL DIPLOMA??

Only this i need to know..... by people who had experience like this or work in HR ...

I repeat ... they asked me for a high school certificate at least.... (policy of company) and i Just want to be sure they just need this paper to make documents and will not check...
9 Jun 2013 #11
they asked me for a high school certificate at least.... (policy of company) and i Just want to be sure they just need this paper to make documents and will not check...

They might be content with a scan (or might not) but the labour office and foreigners office are most certainly going to want to see original documentation.


Of course they can: all it takes is one email.
delphiandomine 88 | 18,455
9 Jun 2013 #12
They might be content with a scan (or might not) but the labour office and foreigners office are most certainly going to want to see original documentation.

Never heard of them accepting anything other than it.
Rysavy 10 | 308
9 Jun 2013 #13
For not very exciting positions here in lackadaisial States I have been checked and often asked to present documents for copy into my file later.

Granted it could be because I have a hellova lot of credit hours in a more respected school yet only have a grind school degree as a Paralegal Assistant. I am 7 credits short from one degree and 4 from the other. Plus if they do the math it looks suspect. I fully graduated High School at 16.

If you are in a place State or country ..that has tight job market, competiton even for lower unhappy fellow employee can easily have your credentials put in question. You are really taking a foolish chance with this action. Specially being abroad whre you are very very vulnerable to scrutinization a little tighter than a native country.

Why on earth if you have been successful, have you not at last churned out a GED? That is suicide in these days. Even McD's wants to see one.

You are shooting yourself in the foot.

and ? never studied English? <_< You are obviously not American... we have English as a class from start to finish and college too though it is national language.

Chances are high in countries that people make their living just churning out paperwork, you will be double checked within the next 12 months. I would highly suggest against outright forgery. Some countries and even employers prosecute.

I understand how annoying it is when you were successful without finishing some course of study because you rolled eye at education during a boom era. Those credits shy short in college I have? for my Business Admin Degree and my Aeronautical Engineering is because I was working in general contracting at 18 years old pulling 21.50 an hour (and my mom pulled out and ****** away my main principle in my trust fund before i became majority in it *sigh* ). But I never lied and claimed a the degrees.

If you REALLY care about opportunities and better providing for your family, you should finish your HS degree or to at least a GED level if your native country has that.
OP DomyCobain 1 | 4
9 Jun 2013 #14
I'm not English or American . I am Spanish.

so, I assume's better not to risk.... it's incredible... how stupid society is...nowadays.

We complain about freedom and all those s****.. and then we are all classificated by a piece of Toilette Paper... THIS IS INSANE!
delphiandomine 88 | 18,455
9 Jun 2013 #15
Even McD's wants to see one.

Uh, this really has nothing to do with Europe.


Not really. It's your job to go back to school and finish it. I assume Spain is no different to the rest of Europe and that there's a way to do it.

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