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Moving to Poland with Family - cost of living and salary?

jmjantony - | 1    
5 Jun 2016  #31
Hi there, I am planning to move to Poland from India. Could someone give me your mobile number to discuss about the salary please
10 Jun 2016  #32
So anybody from india moved to Poland? How much you can save in INR?

Is 13000 PLN Gross is enough for a family of 3 (2 adults + 1 infant)
25 Aug 2016  #33

I got an offer from Poland IT Company for Sr. Business Analyst position. The salary they are offering is 8,500 net/month (after taxes). I am relocating with my wife and 8 months daughter. Is this salary good enough to save decent amount (close to 70-80K INR) so that i can pay back my home loan in India.? Or shall i ask them to revise? If yes, what should I quote them?
terri 1 | 1,382    
25 Aug 2016  #34
You can ask - but they have a figure in mind anyway, and if you push too hard...they may find someone else who is willing to do the job for less.

And please, please, when you are quoting foreign currency, would you please put the equivalents in pound sterling, dollars or Euros. Not everyone knows how much an INR is worth, so it is very difficult to advise you on anything. Please help us to help you.
DominicB - | 2,600    
25 Aug 2016  #35
8500 PLN net a month is about 30000 USD gross a year. Hardly tempting for a senior business analyst. Street sweepers make that in the richer areas of the US.

70-80K INR

That's 4500 PLN right there. That will leave you with only 4000 PLN to support a family of three. A one-bedroom apartment will cost you anywhere from 1800 to 2500 PLN all inclusive. Leaving less than 2000 for food, entertainment and sundry expenses. Food and baby supplies alone will eat up almost all of that, leaving you with practically nothing left over for comfort or fun. If you are paying your own travel to Poland, you will have to deduct that as well, together with the costs of your visas and residence permits. That means you will lose out or only be able to save up a small amount toward your mortgage.

For you, it will be like living as a student. For your wife, it will be like going to jail. She will go crazy with nothing to do besides take care of the baby, fix your meals, and wash your dirty socks and underwear. She will certainly not be able to find work, and probably not be able to meet anyone to socialize with. There are very few Indian women in Poland, and they do not associate with each other unless they happen to be of the same class/caste/clan, which doesn't happen very often. Unless she speaks very good English and is a very assertive, outgoing and persistent person, she will not be able to socialize with Poles. If she is shy or reserved, she will be very, very lonely. Do you really think she will last long under such circumstances?

The problems with living in Poland for you are 1) very low wages (a third or a quarter of what you would make in the US or the richer European countries); 2) high cost of living relative to wages; 3) abysmal savings potential; 4) high travel/visa costs compared to wages; and 5) no Indian community for you or your wife to socialize in.

If you were coming alone, and leaving the wife to work and support herself and the child in India, you might just be able to do it, if you live like a monk on cabbage and potatoes. Especially if your employer is paying your travel costs to and from Poland. If not, you might even lose out on the deal having to send 4500 PLN a month to the bank back home.

No point in asking for more money. There are much better jobs to be had in the US and the richer countries of Western Europe, and probably India as well. I suggest you look elsewhere than Poland for a job if saving substantial amounts of money is a priority. And remember, the best jobs are practically always advertised solely by word of mouth, face to face, so network, network and network some more, aggressively and constantly. Recruiters and job websites get only the table scraps.
26 Aug 2016  #36
Thanks Dominic & Terri for your help. This is very useful. I have written to the employer about my expectations, lets wait for his reply.
14 Dec 2016  #37
Hi Friends,

The employer in Poland has now reverted back to me with the new salary. The new figure is 15000 PLN per month gross which comes out to be closed to 11000 PLN per month net.

Now is that enough for a family of 3 to have decent lifestyle? I am planning to put aside around 5000 PLN per month as savings to fulfill my liabilities in India.
terri 1 | 1,382    
14 Dec 2016  #38
Nothing is as simple as it looks. Please recalculate your salary on a specialist website. You will not be able to put aside 5K pln each month.

Please explain the word 'decent' that cooking at home from local produce, buying ready made frozen meals, going out to eat at least once a week, buying clothes, shoes, cosmetics, education for the child all has to be factored in. My idea of what constitutes 'decent' may not be the same as yours.
15 Dec 2016  #39
Ugh. Are there many indians in Poland? Please don't go.
peter_olsztyn 6 | 1,102    
15 Dec 2016  #40
I am planning to put aside around 5000 PLN per month

5000+2000 flat + 1500 food = 8500zl
20 Jan 2017  #41
Hello All!
I am being offered 16,000 PLN gross which comes down to 12,208 PLN. Will be sufficient to for staying in Gdansk? with a family of 3
DominicB - | 2,600    
20 Jan 2017  #42

There are very many threads on this forum where you can find the answer to your question. Use the search function.
12 Sep 2017  #43
Hello All,

I got an offer from multinational mass media and information firm based in Gdynia for Quality Control Specialist position - I'll be relocating alone from Jakarta, Indonesia. Please, I need your valuable comments on average cost of living now and how much a net salary should I quote them (that would be enough to still enjoy life there and put aside some money for saving). Based on some information I got, a single person monthly costs 3,800zł with rent: numbeo/cost-of-living/in/Gdynia

Thank you.
19 Oct 2017  #44
Hi there!!
I am being offered a job from an IT company in Poland and planning to move to Warsaw from India. They are offering 10000PLN as gross which comes down to 7000PLN as net. Is it sufficient to save some money (Like 4500PLN /month ) after paying apartment rent, transportation, electricity ,gas ,grocery, mobile bills etc etc. I am relocating alone.

Many thanks in advance.
DominicB - | 2,600    
19 Oct 2017  #45
Is it sufficient to save some money (Like 4500PLN /month )

It is sufficient to save some money, but you would have to literally live like a monk to save that much. Count on 3000 PLN at the most, if you are moderately careful with your money. Maybe 3500 if you are very frugal. But generally, people get tired of the frugal lifestyle very fast and eventually spend more and save less.

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