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To move or not to move from India to Poland

14 Feb 2019 #1
I am looking for your advice.
I earn about 1.3 lakhs in INDIA(Salary take home after taxes + PF), I feel my monthly expenses are around 45K(~2442 Zloty including rent and 2 servants).

My Wife is a German translator(C1 level) with 4 years of work ex, and has been an HR recruiter too.
I have been offered 16000 Zloty gross by IBM and I will be based out of Katowice(recruiter says I will get 11200 Zloty net though my cal says I will get 10880).

My Girl is 1 Year old.
I am confused what should I do, I really want to work abroad out of INDIA. Not sure what chances my Wife has getting a job. How much will I save. How fast can I move to other countries like Ireland, France, UK(more developed and rich countries)

Also do I have to take any other insurance or anything else , my company is already taking care of it.
Ziemowit 13 | 4,317
14 Feb 2019 #2
(recruiter says I will get 11200 Zloty net though my cal says I will get 10880).

It doesn't look bad.
Miloslaw 14 | 4,190
14 Feb 2019 #3
A lakh is an Indian term for 100,000.So he takes home about 130,000 Rupees which is about £1,430 or $1,830 or 7,000zl.

Sorry Indian_Poland but many people on here would not know what a lakh is.
14 Feb 2019 #4
Your salary alone should be enough for comfortable living if you can manage without servants. You might be able to put ~2k aside (assuming 3k for a 3-room apt with bills, 3k for groceries/toiletries and other essentials, 1k for kindergarten, 2k for petrol/dining-out/entertainment). Your wife should be able to find a job with German and HR experience. Make sure your employer applies for a blue card so that your wife is exempt from the work permit obligation.

As for moving to other countries: Not sure I understand the question - you can move as soon as you find a job there. But you will be a high-earner in Poland. You may find out that your salary in UK/Ireland/France will be only 20-30% higher while your living expenses will skyrocket in places like London, Dublin, Paris.
OP Indian_Poland
15 Feb 2019 #5
Thanks yes lakhs is 100,000 or 5405 zolty

I was trying to research on my wife's job and it says on google that my Wife cannot just simply get a job but an employer should be willing to apply for a Job permit(not saying the govt but asking the govt can we employ her) for her.

She will have to go through the same process what I went through and she being in Poland with a dependent visa makes no difference. Please let me know your thoughts on the same,
15 Feb 2019 #6
If you have a degree and a job offer that qualifies you for the Blue Card, your wife will get a special type of dependent residence permit issued to the dependents of Blue Card holders which gives her unrestricted access to the job market.
OP Indian_Poland
17 Feb 2019 #7
How much time down blue card take? I am being told it can take 3 months and upto 1 year, your thoughts on this please.
Sergiusz 6 | 24
19 Feb 2019 #8
It could take 6 months in one voivodeship and 1 year in another. Different governmental offices work with different speed. Bigger cities process applications slower due to larger number of applicants. I guess researching and networking in a particular area would give you a clearer picture.
OP Indian_Poland
20 Feb 2019 #9
Does my wife have to be in Poland with me to get the benefits of EU card?

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