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Need to migrate to Poland from an Arab Gulf country (logistics)

Hiltiboy 3 | 19
21 Oct 2010 #1
Hello everyone, I am glad that I joined the polish forum, through this I hope to get some info and make new polish friends and also establish contact with people living and working in Poland

I have been to krakow just last month and I felt like I was there before and that I belong there, I desire to migrate to Poland and start living and working there. Currently I live and work for a Logistics company in an Arab Gulf country for the last 10 yrs or so. Can anyone give me some insight to how I can migrate to Poland and what are the chances of getting a job there. Also what salary ranges are offered in the Logisitics sector in Poland.
guesswho 4 | 1,278
21 Oct 2010 #2
Need to migrate

Need to or want to? It sounds like you're running from something :-)
OP Hiltiboy 3 | 19
22 Oct 2010 #3
yes u r right actually, well have been in this country for a long time, and would like to have a change, yes i definately want to mirage to poland. Unfortuately i hold a Indian passport and I knw things are going to be difficult for me :)
Chicago Pollock 7 | 503
23 Oct 2010 #4
and I knw things are going to be difficult for me

If it wasn't difficult in India you never would have left, right? Poland will be a piece of cake.
OP Hiltiboy 3 | 19
23 Oct 2010 #5
thats a word of inspiration there, thanks mate, so any ideas how i can go about this to start with.
delphiandomine 88 | 18,163
23 Oct 2010 #6
Depends on how much money you have to invest.
OP Hiltiboy 3 | 19
23 Oct 2010 #7
invest money into what, u mean business
well it would be great to get a job in poland some where in krakow would be nice, maybe can partner some one for business too, on a small scale so that you have 2 sources of income ;)

Ok looks like no one wants to help me out here, thanks anyways
grubas 12 | 1,384
27 Oct 2010 #8
What's your problem boy?You already have a job and most likely you make more than you would in Poland.Poland sux and I recommend you to stay where you are or move to UK or something.Anywhere but Poland.
OP Hiltiboy 3 | 19
28 Oct 2010 #9
thks mate, shall consider ur advice
Manar 1 | 5
9 Sep 2012 #10
Merged: Arabic Bank or Arab airlines in Poland?

Hello all ,
I wanted to ask if there's an Arab bank or airlines in Poland .
antheads 13 | 355
9 Sep 2012 #11
qatar and emirates start flying to warsaw shortly
jon357 74 | 22,054
9 Sep 2012 #12
Which can only be good news. There is also at least one Arab bank here
Manar 1 | 5
9 Sep 2012 #13
That seems good /

so what is this only Arab bank?
clifborder4fm 20 | 35
4 Oct 2013 #14
Merged: Logistics companies Malopolska - UPS manager is looking for work

Anyone know of any logistics related companies in Malopolska? a friend who used to be a manager at UPS is looking for work..
MIPK - | 69
5 Oct 2013 #15
Shell are looking, if they know English or German at C1 level
clifborder4fm 20 | 35
7 Oct 2013 #16
ok great thank you. And do you think the positions shell is offering are compatible with my friend's experience as a regional UPS lead manager?

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