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Love Poland, studying as Civil/Design Engineer

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8 Mar 2018 #1
Hello everyone!

So I visited Wroclaw for a couple weeks and fell in love with Poland, I looked around the outskirts and thought not very nice, but see lots and lots of progress in the city, very fast progress considering Poland has only been free from the USSR for less than 30 years!

And I've sat here and imagined, as engineers always do;), that Poland in another 30 years... will be a super incredible and innovative country that still has strong culture, low crime and beautiful cities.

And even though I come from UK, I have this feeling that I want to do my part to help Poland achieve this, because while the UK is going backwards, Poland is surging forwards, and to be part of that surge is something I want.

Anyway, I would like to become a design engineer or civil engineer in Poland, mainly because I am talented at it, and as I say, I imagine Poland to have these beautiful buildings in place of these old and abandoned USSR-era flats.

I know all about the low wages conversation that happens a lot on this forum, and I believe that when I leave university (fluent in Polish by then) I will have enough money to live in Poland for about 5 years, so I can accept a low wage job to begin.

But I want to start building relationships with companies in Poland now, I have official designs already, I am building a reputation and can use that to do small bits of work for a couple of Polish companies while at university, and therefore making ot easier to get a job after.

Is this the direction you see and want Poland going in? And what companies do you think I'd contact??
11 Mar 2018 #2
What can I say as a native. Try to corporate with young polish people who are in the engineer industry and starting their journey in design field. Don't join to old, big, polish companies, because you will do nothing special there. In those companies counts only connections with people from the top.

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