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Looking for work in Poland like farming

neocatlove 1 | -
6 Mar 2018 #1
I am fresh out of highschool and saving up to travel the world with my boyfriend! And we both have 0 college experience and very little job experience

I was looking at possible places that are close enough to the U.S so we don't have to travel too far to get a job to save up and continue our travels

We currently don't have any visas and are looking for jobs that are pretty simple like farming and stuff like that :)
Dirk diggler 10 | 4,580
6 Mar 2018 #2
Itll be nearly impossible for you to get a job in poland without any experience or language skills. At best a min wage nesr min wage job and even agricultural employers will generally want some degree of polish hence why they hire ukranians as they tend to learn the languahe quickly and less and less poles are taking such jobs. Youre better off traveling and visitng poland as it is very cheap. You can also tutor english if youre a native speaker which will probably earn you better money per hour than just about any job a non polish speaker can get without education or experienc3
jon357 74 | 22,489
6 Mar 2018 #3
jobs that are pretty simple like farming and stuff like that :)

There's large rural unemployment in PL, and most farms are smaller than you would be used to, i.e. they can barely support the family who live there.

You can also tutor english if youre a native speaker

Not if:

I am fresh out of highschool ...... 0 college experience ....very little job experience

Perhaps better to travel after college/work, or google 'working holidays' to get a feel for what is possible.
dolnoslask 5 | 2,917
6 Mar 2018 #4
they can barely support the family who live there.

The going rate for casual farm labour in my village is 8 zl an hour cash in hand only, not going to get anyone very far
6 Mar 2018 #5
And remember that farming has a huge monopoly in Poland surrounded by nepotism and family and basically hiring only foreign workers.
Viv23 - | 2
9 Mar 2018 #6
now Visa for agriculture work is limited to 9 months.. its seasonal Visa
O WELL 1 | 156
10 Mar 2018 #7
@OP did you consider working in a meat factory in Poland??Its hard work but I know there are plenty of factory owners looking for workers,as i heard they give 8Zees flat an hr plus accomodation/food and travel and you can put in as many hrs as you want with no overtime ofcourse.

All that info is hear say though.
Dirk diggler 10 | 4,580
10 Mar 2018 #8
She can still tutor without college. She wont get paid as much as someone with fancy degrees and certificates, but generally being a native speaker is the most important thing people first look for when selecting a tutor. Ive tutored English business english/negotiation algebra calculus statistics and even chess - some i did for free some i got paid
O WELL 1 | 156
10 Mar 2018 #9
Dirk nowadays English teaching is the dog work in Poland.Early morning till late hours when the client requires, with long breaks inbetween not to mention cancellations.Also nowadays there are tons of native Poles teaching english which is widely prefered by locals.One is lucky to get groceries with the kind of money native speakers make forget rent and other expenses also after they cheat on there taxes.Also i dont know if the OP needs work permit etc.Those meat factory guys I heard pay for all the work permit/taxes etc as finding workers in Poland is gettng very hard nowadays.

Please dont compare that to yourself as you are way past that high school education and experience.
Sheikh Rohan
9 Feb 2019 #10
I have completed diploma in front office and secretarial operation course and i had worked in a four star hotel in bangladesh for 1 year and also wotked in a 3 star hotel in malaysia...right now i am working in a coffee shop as a superviser for 7 month already in saudi arabia..can i get a poland work visa or not sir....please let me know sir

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