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Poland IT jobs websites?

raymccoy 5 | 12
12 Apr 2010 #1
Which websites are best for searching and applying to IT/CS jobs in Warsaw? I know Monster, but I'm sure there are better ones out there.
paulafrompoland - | 13
12 Apr 2010 #2
for example:,pracy,warszawa.html
Olaf 6 | 955
12 Apr 2010 #3

in both select "branża" - branch
[IT etc.] and start your search

These are the biggest job websites in Poland.
OP raymccoy 5 | 12
12 Apr 2010 #4
Thank you, exactly what I was looking for!
pennyplease - | 1
27 Dec 2010 #5
Merged: Job Possibilities / Leads for seasoned .NET developer in Poland

I am looking at moving over to Poland in particular Warsaw since my girlfriend is from there and from my experiences I really like the city. I have been doing C# .NET development and architecture for a little over 6 years building web applications, and studied at University of Warsaw while pursuing my MBA through a University here in the US. Since I only speak English I have been having problems finding an opportunity / job in Warsaw. I would classify myself as a mid - senior level developer. I was wondering where to start looking for a job in Poland and if anyone had any leads?

Any help would be appreciated.

3 Oct 2012 #6
[Moved from]: Where to post vacancies for IT specialists in Poland?

Please help me to find the most popular job sites in Poland.
Maybe there are some job sites for those who wants to find a work abroad?
Especially interested in IT specialists willing to relocate to Canada or USA.
5 Oct 2012 #7
What languages are you looking for?

I have over 5 years of IT professional experience. Language is Swedish and would love to get over to Canada.
Zuri_Pete - | 2
3 Apr 2014 #8
Merged: Best websites to advertise for a Poznan based IT specialist?

I am looking to hire a Poznan based PHP/MySql Developer for a startup. Which websites/job boards are best to advertise such job offer? That is, as an IT specialist which websites do you most frequently visit to look for job opportunities?

Thanks in advance for helpful advice.
Monitor 14 | 1,817
3 Apr 2014 #9

these 2 are free
7 May 2015 #11
Where to find Polish Programmers?

Hello, My company is based in the U.S, however we would like to hire developers & programmers from Poland. Where would the best place for us to advertise in order to find talented english speaking developers?
lateStarter 2 | 45
7 May 2015 #12
What type of development? I assume working remotely?
7 May 2015 #13
You could probably advertise on --> they have good viewership both among North American Polish community and in Poland. I advertise my translating services there and so far it's not bad -- they're cheap (though still growing, so you wouldn't get as much response as on a large site).

Alternatively, try one of the larger Polish portals, such as or ; though they tend to be expensive.
7 May 2015 #14
Yes, this would be a remote job. Looking for Rails & Python programmers.
graw1 - | 1
10 Oct 2017 #15

Best jobsite to recruit Polish Software engineer?

Can anybody suggest the best place to place a job recruitment ad for a senior software engineer/ c# .NET developer? Thank you :)
DominicB - | 2,707
10 Oct 2017 #16
The best jobs are advertised face to face, person to person, in the real world. The recruiters and internet sites get the table scraps, so forget about them. If you want to get a good job at a decent wage, in Poland or elsewhere, then expand and exploit your network of real-world contacts to conduct a proper job search.
cms 9 | 1,254
10 Oct 2017 #17 is th most widely read and has a big IT section
10 Oct 2017 #18
8-12 k brutto for senior software engineer/ c# .NET
ethernos - | 1
14 Feb 2018 #19

Which is the best place to hire Polish Interns

It seems most sites ask for fees to list asking for IT internships. Which site would be worth hiring interns from? The intern is paid and can be converted from an intern to a longer term contract.

Also any idea on what are the average salaries for interns in poland?
IT Project
24 Apr 2018 #20

What is the best job board / source for finding IT specialist in Poland?

Hi Everyone,

Just wanted to ask what is the best job board in Poland for searching IT specialists?
Atropates - | 1
26 Sep 2018 #21

Vacancies in Poland

Hi. I am a Control and Robotics engineer and I will take PhD in Poland. I would like to ask is there any website to find a job in Poland? Or can you tell me is it easy to find reliable vacancies for engineers?
TheWizard - | 230
26 Sep 2018 #22
Hi my dad works with robots, he is in Europe now, he has friends in Poland who do that sort of thing as well. I can send him a message on FB to ask if you want.

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