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Poland job (senior development / compliance officer from India) - need an advice

3 Oct 2015 #1
Hi, I belong to India. I got a job at Wroclaw with net salary of ~ 7600 PLN. Glassdoor reviews are good for this company.
I am single. My main aim is to save money. This money is comparatively more than what I am getting in India.

I also have offer from Spain (28000 EUROS yearly) but I read glassdoor reviews that company does not increase much salary.
I am really very confused whther I should go for Poland (wroclaw) or Spain or stick in India only.
Please give your valuable advice in getting me a good decision.
Also please suggest on getting room on sharing basis what will be my monthly expenditure. Thanks !
s1sanderson 2 | 5
3 Oct 2015 #2
Hi there Lokuma,

what kind of job role are you looking for / been offered in Poland and Spain?
OP lokuma
3 Oct 2015 #3
its senior software developer job
s1sanderson 2 | 5
3 Oct 2015 #4
Have you tried applying in the UK? Or is this not an option for you? You could either work in the NHS or a private company?
OP lokuma
3 Oct 2015 #5
what is NHS... ?
i did not get any chance to try in UK
s1sanderson 2 | 5
3 Oct 2015 #6
The NHS is the National Health Service, Search it on the Internet so you can find out about it. Its the Government funded health service provided to the UK. Have you got any qualifications? and what experience do you have?
OP lokuma
3 Oct 2015 #7
I have 4 years of experience in IT.
s1sanderson 2 | 5
3 Oct 2015 #8
Hi Lokuma,

please can you private message me your email address so we can discuss further. When are you hoping to relocate?
delhi1990 - | 4
6 Oct 2015 #9
Hi, I was with lokuma guest id. I will send a private message with my email address.
hari4careers - | 2
16 Oct 2015 #10
Merged: UBS SSC Krakow (compliance officer/analyst) - risk & compliance role

Dear Friends,

Wishing you a great week end!, I'm from India.would like to check out how much does a compliance officer/analyst gets out as a salary. Can I quote for a 10000 PL gross salary how much will be net then?. My wife is a post graduate and I understand she will not be able to work unless a company gives her a separate Visa as we are a non EU citizens. I have a baby who just completed 2. Is it good to migrate to Poland and can we adjust with the living and climate coming from here. Please advise and thanks in advance. Regards,

Grzegorz_ 51 | 6,161
16 Oct 2015 #11
10000 PL gross salary how much will be net then?

hari4careers - | 2
17 Oct 2015 #12
Thanks Grzegorz. I have around 9+ years in Investment banking and was working in singapore for 3 years. How much should I quote? is 2500-2700 Eur an achievable salary?
terri 1 | 1,665
17 Oct 2015 #13
In Poland you get paid in Polish zloty (pln). If you get 7,000pln NET per month your life will be comfortable, but not extravagant. As you are supporting yourself, your wife and child with a wife who will not go out to work.

I know people will say that Polish couples manage on less and yes that HAVE to, but they speak the language, have family ties/connections and know how to arrange/search for necessaries.

For a foreign couple with a child, not speaking the local language with no family support it is a completely different ball game.
17 Oct 2015 #14
No offense but india is a chaotic and dangerous country. For your child, its better to move. There ll be indians there for sure and weather will be cold hitting minus 20.
esdat - | 1
3 Dec 2017 #15

Working for UBS in Krakow

Hi All,

Is there anyone who give some feedback about UBS ? How is company work/life balance for IT positions?
What are the compensation that they are giving for IT team lead position ? And how much salary should I ask for a Team Lead position ?
Harry84 1 | 81
3 Dec 2017 #16
you will get better work/life balance over their,
every company have their own defined policy, but on an average you can ask more then 10k net.


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