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Job Security in Poland

3 Apr 2015 #1

I have got a IT job in Poland and I will be earning 10000 PLN gross.
I want to ask about the job security in Poland.
Looker - | 1,079
3 Apr 2015 #2
Job security in Poland is a very broad topic - what specific issue are you addressing?
OP Amit_Gupta
4 Apr 2015 #3
I specifically mean is firing of employees by employers.
Atch 16 | 3,267
4 Apr 2015 #4
Amit, it would depend to some extent on your contract of employment. I presume it's a fixed term contract and not a permanent position? Is there a trial period, for example does your contract specify that they can fire you after 3 months if they're not happy with you etc. Try asking on a forum for Polish programmers/IT workers. Many of them speak English so you should get some response to your query. They will have a realistic answer for you as they work in the industry.
Amit_Gupta - | 1
7 Apr 2015 #5
Thank Atch!!

Contract does not specify that if they don't like they can fire but contract does specify that there is a probation period of 3 months.

As you mentioned, How can I contact the Polish programmers/IT workers here in this forum.
Atch 16 | 3,267
7 Apr 2015 #6
Hi Amit. Yes, your three month probationary period means that they can let you go after that time if they're not happy with you. But that's a pretty standard clause in many employment contracts worldwide, not just Poland. However I would say that in general Polish employers don't have the best reputation for how they treat staff, but of course it varies.

There's a forum called It's a Polish site. Register with them. Go to the section marked Praca (that's Polish for work) and start a thread same as you did here. The site is all in Polish I think but a lot of these guys know English so I'm sure you'll get some response. Also there is a Poland Forum member called Monitor who seems to be very knowledgeable about the IT business so you could send him a PM.

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