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Job Scam in Poland! Attention Bangladeshi People!

topumasum 1 | 2
12 May 2017 #1
A a broker in Poland is gathering workers from Bangladesh to work in the garment factories in Poland and is taking around 3000 Euro. DO NOT give your documents to these kinds of brokers who says that they will ensure you get a work permit. It's illegal and you can get into serious trouble, from work abuse to deportation. I recently had this offer to give my documents to him to get work permit. DO NOT FALL FOR THIS! SAVE YOUR MONEY AND DO SOMETHING PRODUCTIVE!
Tlum 11 | 165
13 May 2017 #2
Why would they want to hire Bangladesh people - they can have them manufacture whatever they need in Bangladesh for 3 times cheaper (or more) and have it shipped to Poland. Not sure who'd pay 3000 EURO just for a work permit / or 'work promise'? I'm sure such scams are global and Poland is one of the targets only.
OP topumasum 1 | 2
14 May 2017 #3
It's not the company, its the broker. He is taking the money from them and the people are actually falling for it.

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