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Are there Job Opportunities for Americans in Poland?

12 Nov 2016 #1
I am an American that recently traveled to Poland, specifically Wroclaw, for a vacation and I loved it. Is there any opportunity for jobs in this country for an American of European descent?

Unfortunately I don't speak Polish, but I'm confident I can learn quickly. I have a university degree in Food Science and about 3-4 years of R&D experience in the Food Industry.

My guess is it will be pretty tough, and I should probably just drop the thought altogether. I would also need health insurance.
Lyzko 33 | 8,150
12 Nov 2016 #2
Yes and no. As I see it, with Trump as our soon-to-be head of state and Poland being apparently most supportive of him, you shouldn't have much problem looking for employment at this stage!

Now, as I don't know whether there may be a glut in your industry or not, I really can't predict how tough or easy it will be for you.

Suffice to add, knowing Polish is a MUST and you might do well to begin as soon as you can:-)
OP Glaucon
12 Nov 2016 #3
Thanks for the response Lyzko,

I don't really understand why Trump's presidency would lead to increases in job opportunities for Americans in Poland. The way I see it, Trump is more about borders and protectionism and civic nationalism. If Poland is like that, they'd be more concerned with jobs for their own people. Don't really understand how that could lead to job opportunities for me in Poland.

Even though I don't speak the language. I feel as if it's hard to learn a language unless you are immersed in the language. I can definitely try and learn as much as I can though. You would think Eastern European countries would want to create an environment to attract more STEM educated Europeans like myself.
Lyzko 33 | 8,150
12 Nov 2016 #4
As you said, if you apply yourself, learning Polish won't be unattainable! It won't be a snap, but it IS within your reach if you're willing to work for it:-)
12 Nov 2016 #5
Glaucon: Why on earth do you think eastern European countries want STEM-educated Americans to come here? There aren't enough jobs for their own STEM-educated people, and the few that exist pay pretty poorly. It's one thing to come and visit Poland and think it's awesome because you're blowing a month's worth of local wages on a few nights out, but quite another to live here. Poland is not friendly towards foreigners, and even something as trivial as getting your residency card can take forever. Have fun navigating the bureaucracy without speaking the language, as well. All this for 3-5x less wages than you can expect back home, and higher taxes.

How well would a Pole wanting to work in your field do in America without speaking English? Why do you expect to be treated differently here?
OP Glaucon
12 Nov 2016 #6
Fair enough, I just figured there would be at least SOME demand for STEM educated people as Poland seems to attract Indians, at least that's what I see from this board. Surely you'd rather have people who can actually "pass" as being Polish (people of European descent) than people who would probably never assimilate? But if there's no demand, then I would have to do something else.

I understand it would be a step down in terms of "luxury". But to me, it would be a step up in terms of culture. Poland still has a culture, whereas america is cultureless, the women are fat and abominable, and the food is shyt and I don't trust it. I don't care if I make more money in America. The place is degenerate, although I think it will improve under a Trump presidency, the culture takes decades to change.

A Pole wouldn't do well in America without English, so yea I understand I must know the language if I even want a shot.
rozumiemnic 8 | 3,846
12 Nov 2016 #7
Indians generally work in international companies who are not interested if they 'assimilate' or not, just that they can do the job.
Nobody is going to hire you on the basis of your skin colour.
Marsupial - | 886
13 Nov 2016 #8
If you want to work there you need to find your niche. Just trying to get a normal job and no Polish is impossible. You need a special gig a special idea....something.
cms 9 | 1,255
14 Nov 2016 #9
Well your best bet is to write or linkedin with a few of the bigger food companies in Poland - you could try Masterfoods, Nestle, Amrest, Unilever etc, or you could try some big foreign supermarkets like Auchan, Kaufland or Tesco. They might be short of people for specialist work but since you will need a work permit it really is going to be very tough for you. Of those then Amrest and Kaufland are the only ones in Wroclaw. However lab postions in these companies rearely pay more than about 1000 USD (4.000 zloty)

But you will also find it difficult because your attitude is awful. Maybe South Africa in the 1950s would be a more appropriate culture for you given your remarks about European descent. You call women fat abominations - any HR director who meets you will probably also be a woman. My view is that if you voted for Donald then stay there and take your chances that he makes America great again.

Totally disagree about the food by the way - I miss American food every day - the choice, the different flavors and the low prices.
Polonius3 1,000 | 12,446
14 Nov 2016 #10
the choice, the different flavors

You forgot to mention that American processed food is brimfull of chemical additives: spoilage retardants, synthetic aromas, flavour enhancers, stabilisers, acidity regulators, emulsifiers, artificial food colouring, etc. Processed meat is pumped full of soybean solution (to increase its bulk) and often contains many of the above-mentioned as well as carcinogenic smoke flavouring; raw meat comes from GMO-fed livestock and contains a level of additives (growth hormones, antibiotics and Lord knows what all) unacceptable in the EU. BON APPÉTIT!
cms 9 | 1,255
14 Nov 2016 #11
that is true but imagine how great it would be to walk out of the office now and have some chicken and biscuits or go to IHOP or have some great BBQ or some real Mexican (sorry Trump fans). In my office in the US they were all within 5 minutes :((
14 Nov 2016 #12
As others have said concentrate on specialized companies. Hopefully you can nab something with one of those and you won't need to know Polish. Unfortunately for the rest of us, it's almost impossible to land a job in Poland without knowing Polish.
mafketis 34 | 11,883
14 Nov 2016 #13
No knowing Polish is not an unchangeable condition.... except for the lazy and/or stupid.
ilovemarty - | 2
29 May 2018 #14

USA citizen looking for work in Poland

hello i am usa citizen looking for work in opole preferably three hours a day either in prep cook or petsitting i do not drive so it has to be in my area where can i go i speak no polish just english. thank you
lowfunk99 10 | 397
29 May 2018 #15
Impossible no, very difficult yes.

The big issue is that you need a work permit before you land in Poland. That means you have to have a job before going. You have to ask yourself why they would hire you over a polish person?
Lyzko 33 | 8,150
30 May 2018 #16
For a position as English instructor, for instance, obviously, a competent and serious employer would hire a native English speaker in a shot!
A construction worker, manager or other such work which a Pole could do with their eyes closed, uh, I don't think so:-)
Rich Mazur 4 | 3,138
2 Jun 2018 #17
hello i am usa citizen looking for work in opole

Lyzko 33 | 8,150
2 Jun 2018 #18
.....unless you speak or understand at least average Polish for basic daily transactions!
Joker 2 | 2,426
2 Jun 2018 #19
three hours a day either in prep cook or petsitting

You really dream big dont you? lol

They could basically train a monkey to do this, why would they hire someone that cant speak Polish?

I think hes just trolling...............


Someone should tell them they arent going to much money if they do happen to find a job.

, a competent and serious employer would hire a native English speaker in a shot!

And there are also a plethora of other people with this same action plan for the low paying teaching jobs Poland as well.

They're better off staying in the US and joining a teachers union, if they had any brains at all.
Rich Mazur 4 | 3,138
3 Jun 2018 #20
They're better off staying in the US and joining a teachers union

Best advice yet. High school teachers in Palatine - a relatively cheap suburb of Chicago - make $125k a year.

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