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Job Conditions and Monthly Expenses for students in Poland

ashraf 1 | 1
20 Apr 2013 #1
what is the job condition for the students and plz also tell me the monthly expenses. i have got admission in university of warsaw faculty of economics (Master in quantitative sciences). What is the worth of this university?
delphiandomine 88 | 18,322
20 Apr 2013 #2
There are no jobs for you in Poland. Poland has a roughly 14% unemployment rate - it doesn't need you.

Anyway, going rate for employment for a non-EU foreigner like you is about 5zl an hour.
Warszawette - | 128
21 Apr 2013 #3
Hi! In order for you to work in Poland, your employer shall need to prove to the authorities that they cannot find anyone locally (Poles and foreigners with the right to work in Poland, like those from other UE countries) and therefore your chance to be issued a work permit is 0 (I assume that you also don't speak Polish and that you have no particular qualifications desperately needed in Poland). Besides, there is a huge unemployment rate (and no benefits) and most salaries are very low so why Poland?
Sunny Girl 1 | 17
22 Apr 2013 #4
Poland is not a country where you can support yourself as a working student. Salaries for people working in supermarkets are 4zl/h I think for a student a bit more, because of the taxes. I don't think somebody will encourage you to hope for a decent job in Poland. You can always try to work as a cook in some restaurants, but I guess they already have cooks. Honestly even for Polish students it is really difficult to get a job. It is always necessary to speak Polish. Even if you work in a supermarket cleaning in the evening all people will speak Polish. They will not give you a job if you cannot communicate with them.
Monitor 14 | 1,820
22 Apr 2013 #5
Don't have foreign students some permit to work a little bit ? I thought that there is such a law. Everybody in Poland has heard about this university. Many polish student's go during summer to work in UK, because there they can earn few pounds per hour instead of few złoty here in Poland. Maybe you can do the same :)
hakuchha 3 | 27
22 Apr 2013 #6
Polish people dont require visa to enter the UK but if one is non-EU then that is not an option.
Monitor 14 | 1,820
22 Apr 2013 #7
where are you from Ashraf?
OP ashraf 1 | 1
22 Apr 2013 #8
I am from pakistan and plz dont start abusing me if i am from pakistan:P
phtoa 9 | 236
22 Apr 2013 #9
what is the job condition for the students and plz also tell me the monthly expenses.

It will be equal to impossible to find a student job, and that's simply reality.
Monthly expenses would be considering your a student who doesn't spend a lot, you can live on 2300ZL per month if you live in a shared room for example.
Monitor 14 | 1,820
22 Apr 2013 #10
This website should give you some idea about prices in Warsaw:

Consumer Prices in Warsaw are 78.42% higher than in Islamabad
Consumer Prices Including Rent in Warsaw are 91.37% higher than in Islamabad
Rent Prices in Warsaw are 134.63% higher than in Islamabad
Restaurant Prices in Warsaw are 61.33% higher than in Islamabad
Groceries Prices in Warsaw are 66.81% higher than in Islamabad

Xtreme - | 3
22 Apr 2013 #11
What is the job rate salary for those who work in Information Technology (IT) field in Poland?
Mike00 1 | 29
16 Aug 2015 #12
Merged: Monthly Expenses for students in Szczecin

How much money would a student be needing monthly to live in Szczecin? Including everything (Food, Rent, Utilities etc)
Wulkan - | 3,243
16 Aug 2015 #13
It depends on your life style. 2500 would be a minimum if you're ok with the low life standards.
jon357 72 | 21,122
16 Aug 2015 #14
2500 is far more than most students have to live on.

Mike00 should budget a few hundred for a place to stay in a Hall of Residence or in a shared flat. The rest depends on his expectations, however many, many students have 1000 to live on and a student with 2000 would count himself lucky.
Mike00 1 | 29
16 Aug 2015 #15
Okay thank you for the feedback guys!

Oh one more thing Jon, will it be okay if i can't speak Polish language?
jon357 72 | 21,122
16 Aug 2015 #16
If you're doing a course taught in English, you'll find all your fellow students are in the same boat. You'll pick up some Polish and there will almost certainly be Polish lessons available.

Although you'll get a lot more out of your time in Poland if you learn the language (it isn't hard, aim to make a hundred mistakes a day) you should be aware that there are people who live there for years and don't speak it. But the basics are easy and other students will probably be very willing to help in situations where you will need it.

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