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International Schools in Poland - the average high school teacher salary?

15 Mar 2012 #1

I am looking for advice on living and working in Poland. I am a high school teacher from Canada that would like to teach in Poland starting in the fall of 2013. Can anyone tell me what the average salary would be at an international school? I am looking at Krakow, Wroclaw, Gdansk, and Bielsko Biala. I often read that Krakow and Wroclaw are saturated with teachers, but it is unclear if this is just the case for language schools or both language schools and international schools. Any advice on what other cities I should consider would also be great. Thanks in advance!
Jars777 20 | 70
15 Mar 2012 #2

I cannot give you exact figures but I heard that 21k Pounds (equivalent in PLN) would be quite good and only available in senior management. Maybe others have a different figure.

Teaching at international schools is not a well paid job.... and I think you don't even get paid during the holidays. At least that's what I understand.

pip 10 | 1,659
15 Mar 2012 #3
Warsaw has many international schools. The American School is here, International European School, the French language school- I can't remember its name. My kids go to one of these and the school would love somebody like you- I have no idea about the salary however. If you are interested send me a private message and I will give you further info.
15 Mar 2012 #4
In Poland there are international schools and there are international schools. The top tier (the American School of Warsaw and the British School) pay pretty much the same as what you'd get in USA/UK. Second tier (in Warsaw IES and St. Pauls pay a chunk less than that and the third tier even less.
bfc1980 - | 4
19 Apr 2013 #5
Merged: International School Salary for primary teachers in Poland?

Hi there, I've seen recently on the TES website that the British International Schools in Warsaw and Krakow are recruiting primary teachers. My wife and I are considering moving back to Poland in about 4 years time after a stint in Bangkok (she's Polish and I pent 2 years teaching English in Opole). Can anybody inform me what the salary and benefits are in these schools. The salary and benefits I'm getting in Bangkok are pretty good and I'm not too sure they'll be matched in Poland. I'm getting just over £2000 per month after tax, free education for our child, a 2 month salary bonus every 2 years, health insurance for the family and return flights back to the UK every year for all of us. Is it likely that the International schools in Poland match this or come close to it?
newpip - | 140
19 Apr 2013 #6
why don't you ask the school directly?
Warszawette - | 128
19 Apr 2013 #7
I happen to know such schools since have worked with several international schools. I can say that usually salaries are very good (up to 3 times "normal" teachers' salaries in Poland) but they can be no so high; it depends upon a lot of things (expat or local status, qualifications, experience) but in no case, you'll have as good as a deal as you now have. Also, do take into account that some of such schools do not pay their teachers during summer break. The best is of course to check with them.
delphiandomine 88 | 18,454
20 Apr 2013 #8
Any good school will pay during the summer break because they simply wouldn't get the best teachers otherwise. Yes, there are "international" schools that don't pay during the summer - but these schools are rubbish. As for you only getting a 3x multiplier - they can't have been very good schools if they were only paying that!

And it's quite possible that he can get the same deal. The real problem is that they are quite likely to look down on Asian experience.
20 Apr 2013 #9
Is it likely that the International schools in Poland match this or come close to it?

The British School in Warsaw is part of the group it would be much better to contact them directly as others suggested.

Nordanglia do have a school in Pattaya.
Sunny Girl 1 | 17
22 Apr 2013 #10
I'm getting just over £2000 per month after tax. Is it likely that the International schools in Poland match this or come close to it?

You are incrediby lucky with such salary and the cost of living in Bangkok is so much lower than in Poland. If I had such salary I would stay there forever. I have never heard of such salaries in Poland and free school for your child, wow. When I checked salaries at schools in Bangkok they were usually 500$ per month and no insurance, no ticket, no accomodation. I think you will have easier and better life if you continue with your work there.
AllysonBoe - | 2
22 Apr 2013 #11
They are paying more that schools here.

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