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Information about jobs for Indian students in Poland

12 Jul 2017 #241
Doing Masters is better or Global MBA in poland
3 Aug 2017 #242
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Abil alexander
16 Aug 2017 #243
Ihave completed my gradution in hospitality so i like apply pg course on the base of graduation what is requirement for applying in poland
Abil alexander
16 Aug 2017 #244
My mail is aaabilalexander@gmail
Khaira india
22 Aug 2017 #245
I want to do bachelor of hotel management in poland
My question is can i get job there after my hotel management
Please answer my question please
Khaira india
22 Aug 2017 #246
My email yakash617@gmail
DominicB - | 2,704
22 Aug 2017 #247
My question is can i get job there after my hotel management

Almost certainly not. You're chances of winning the jackpot on the lottery are much higher. First of all, courses in hotel management are worthless on the job market. It's a waste of time and money. Secondly, even more so. English-language courses at private schools in Poland are worthless on the job market. Third of all, to get a job in that field in Poland, you would have to speak Polish, a language that takes many years to master.

Study a field that actually helps you get a job. And do it in your own country. For Indian students who don't speak fluent Polish, Polish schools are no better, and often a lot worse, than good schools in India
Khaira india
23 Aug 2017 #248
Ok thanka dominic
I will do hotel management from our country india
And open my own restaurant you are right there are no better jobs in hotel management
Once again thanks dominic
22 Sep 2017 #249
Hi, Can I work in UK with permanent residency of Poland, please advice.
Ironside 49 | 10,472
22 Sep 2017 #250
No, for ...sake, permanent residency as the name suggest ("**&!!!***!) allows you to reside within a country you are not a citizen. To put it simple - no you cannot work legally in the uk, Germany or any other EU country but Poland.
23 Sep 2017 #251
I have taken admission in masters of Mechatronic engineering in University of economy Wsg Poland .
Is this right for me and I also want to get part time job during my study.
So please suggest me any one who have know about this.
28 Sep 2017 #252
hello guys am from india am planing to study in poland in warsaw university, there any partime jobs possible for indian english speaking pepoles any one help me...
massras - | 4
4 Oct 2017 #253
Can anyone tell is it worthy to get a MBA from Polish University (University of Euroregional Economy is suggested by my agent).

Also is it possible to get a job wherein i can sustain myself?
Currently i am working since 5 years and as of now a salary of around 40k INR is drawn (will such a stature job be available in there in poland?)

These are some genuine questions and concerns.

Please do reply and also let me if anyone have a job worth doing.

Thanks in advance.
DominicB - | 2,704
4 Oct 2017 #254
Polish University (University of Euroregional Economy

That is not a real university, and is not allowed to call itself a university in the Polish language. It is a fake school, and any degree from there is completely worthless. A MBA from there will qualify you to clean toilets.
massras - | 4
4 Oct 2017 #255
So can you please suggest any good University there wherein I can get a MBA facility.

Thank you,
DominicB - | 2,704
4 Oct 2017 #256

Any of the IIMs would be the best choice, or other good universities in India. If you cannot afford to pay 100% of your study and stay and study, then Poland is not a possibility. With few exceptions, MBA programs taught in the English language in Poland are not worth very much on the job market. If you can't afford or get into schools like Harvard, Stanford or London School of Economics, there's no advantage of studying for an MBA outside of India.
jon357 63 | 15,309
4 Oct 2017 #257
a MBA from Polish University (University of Euroregional Economy is suggested by my agent).

This place is quite low in the rankings. It's good for certain courses, but there are better places for MBAs in Poland. Depending on your age and work experience, here are some interesting programmes run by the Polish Academy of Sciences. Have a look at those. They're aimed at people who are working in a good career, however they're extremely flexible and there can, I think, be a distance component. I was looking at them myself a couple of years ago.
Dirk diggler 9 | 4,652
4 Oct 2017 #259

SGH (Szkola Glowna Handlowa) is generally regarded the most prestigious business school in PL and has been for a long long time even back in PRL commie times it's where the top officials and their kids would go. I was going to go there but ultimately ended up chosing an MBA program in the US as the timing would've been a bit inconvenient to transplant my life to Warsaw

The weird thing is this though - they teach courses in English and Polish but you get a different degree depending on the language you chose for your classes. If you take your MBA in Polish, you'll receive the MBA from SGH... However, if you take it in English that have a unique situation where it's teachers from University of Montreal (a very good Canadian Uni) along with PL teachers teaching you on the SGH campus. Unless I'm reading the info wrong, it appears that you'd get your MBA degree from U of Montreal rather than SGH if you were to chose the English MBA.

The English MBA is also more expensive but still far cheaper than US (and most UK MBAs). The cost from what I recall was 30k zloty (around 8k USD depending on the exchange rate) PLUS $9k USD. So you can count on roughly $17k give or take for the English MBA. In the US, an MBA will run $50k for a cheaper state school to even as high as $150k.
massras - | 4
4 Oct 2017 #260
@Dirk diggler
Thanks a lot for the information brother. I assume that 30K Zloty is for whole MBA and some extra for living and sustaining.
DominicB - | 2,704
4 Oct 2017 #261

No. That's about 65000 PLN. 30000 PLN plus $9000 US, or about $17,000 US in total.
Dirk diggler 9 | 4,652
4 Oct 2017 #262
You can find out more info on sgh websiye. If you go to sgh you'll be at the front of the line as car as getting a job in Poland w a corporation, polish or foreign owned.
Mohit Kumar
4 Nov 2017 #263
Hy I m Mohit from India, I m willing study in Warsaw.
Can I find a job & while doing my study
Dirk diggler 9 | 4,652
6 Nov 2017 #264
@Mohit Kumar

It is possible but unless you are an it pro you will have a difficult time finding a decent paying job without knowing polish.
SigSauer 4 | 413
7 Nov 2017 #265
They don't have universities in India?
Dirk diggler 9 | 4,652
7 Nov 2017 #266
The reason why so many Indians come to Poland is simply because of money. An MBA in India makes 3 lakh a month - about $1,500. In Poland, an IT pro (or MBA) can easily land a 10k zloty+ a month gig. Plus, they'll then have EU citizenship and can go across the border into Germany and now land a 10k USD a month job after say 5-7-10+ years IT experience
8 Nov 2017 #267
Hi , I am Ranjan from India. I am planning to work in Poland.i have done MBA with finance and IT. I have total 8 years of experience in Finance and accounting and I also know German. I have also worked in Germany for couple of months.

What's the possibility of getting a job in Poland.
DominicB - | 2,704
8 Nov 2017 #268

Why would you want to get a job in Poland, rather than in Germany, were wages and savings potential are much higher, especially since you can speak German? That just doesn't make any sense.
9 Nov 2017 #269
I have some of my Friends there . It would be good for them as well as me to live together in same country or same city. So I just want to know the possibility of getting the job? How much German language plays a role to get a job there in Poland and whats the salary gets the person with finance & accounting with German language. I am also a SAP FICO consultant.
DominicB - | 2,704
9 Nov 2017 #270

The long and short of it is that wages in Poland are A LOT lower than wages in Germany. A real lot. Especially for someone who speaks German. So much so that you would have to think very hard before making such a move UNLESS you got hired by a western company at western wages. Do your research and do your math well. The important number is how much you can put in the bank at the end of the month. Low savings potential is what makes Poland unattractive for foreign workers, who usually end up moving on to the west in search of better jobs.

As a SAP consultant, you will find a job for sure, and the pay will be good by Polish standards, but you will be able to save up only a small fraction of what you can save up in Germany.

They don't speak German in Poland, and Polish is not at all similar to German. It might help you find work that is outsourced from Germany, though. Practically all of the work that is available to an Indian in Poland is outsourced from richer countries specifically because wages in Poland are much lower.

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