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Information about jobs for Indian students in Poland

Marsupial - | 886
25 Jan 2017 #211
.......and be able to convey them in language so they are obvious to all.
24 Feb 2017 #212
Hello friedns

Is it possible to apply for family immigration with student visa.
Like i have student visa and i want to apply for my wife.
Sunny leone
8 Apr 2017 #213
I am planning to do my masters in Poland. Please confirm my part time job opportunity and other details. When we can call our Family over there. How will be our life style over there. Please confirm me these all details.
merve112 - | 10
8 Apr 2017 #214
@Sunny leone
It has been mentioned in this thread many times before that it is nearly impossible to find a job while studying in Poland.
DominicB - | 2,704
8 Apr 2017 #215
@Sunny leone

If you need to earn money to finance your studies, then Poland is not the right country for you. It is practically impossible for non-EU students to find any work in Poland, either during or after their studies. Of course, you will not be allowed to bring in your family. You cannot support yourself, so how are you going to convince the consul that you will be able to support family members without a job.

If you seriously want to study, explore opportunities in your own country. There is nothing in Poland for you, or in any other eastern or southern EU country with high youth unemployment.
24 Apr 2017 #216
I dont understand why u guys want to move to other country when you havent even try to get to know poland and not ready to adopt polish culture and language.? its your job to learn culture and language if u want to grab opportunity. and if u cant do any of that then why u would leave your country..?
DominicB - | 2,704
24 Apr 2017 #217

It's simple. They consider Poland to be a stepping stone to the richer countries of the EU, particularly the UK.
DominicB - | 2,704
24 Apr 2017 #219

... and wonderful Polish mothers-in-law!
Bipin S Kumar
27 Apr 2017 #220
I am planning to come to Poland for doing MBA and I have done my graduation in Mathematics from India. I have overall 14yrs Exp. In automobile sales and banking industry as operation head. I have team handling, customer service, marketing, administration, training, cash management, ATM monitoring, etc, skills.

Now I want a sincere advise from you all. My main intention is to take a MBA and get a job in Poland or any EU.Also I want to get a part-time job for my day to day living and if possible send some money to my home country.

Please also tell is it possible that I can migrate to Canada after completing my studies directly from Poland.
DominicB - | 2,704
28 Apr 2017 #221
@Bipin S Kumar

If your goal is to immigrate to Canada, then save up and do your MBA in Canada. An MBA from a good school in Canada would be immeasurably more valuable than an MBA from an English-language course in Poland, which is not going to open many doors for you, in Canada, in Poland or anywhere.

Or, alternatively, get an MBA from a good IIM.

English-language courses in Poland are generally of poor quality and little value on the job market, and are thus a poor investment. They are a bit of a scam, actually. Probably a total waste of time and money.

If you are looking for part-time work with the goal of sending money home, that is unrealistic. Wages in Poland are too low to make that possible, and the cost of living is rather high in relation to wages, so you might well have trouble covering your own living expenses, or might not find a job at all.

Sorry, but you have to do your research, and come up with a more realistic plan. Talk it over with people in your network who work or have worked in Canada.
WhirlwindTobias - | 88
28 Apr 2017 #222
Yes, Poland is not a place where you send money from, to home. Poland is where money is sent to, from England or America.
DominicB - | 2,704
28 Apr 2017 #223
Indeed. Poland is not the place to come if you need to earn enough money to save or to send home.

It's also not the place to come if you want a good education, but don't speak fluent Polish.
Bipin S Kumar
28 Apr 2017 #224

But pls tell me whether i can get some part time jobs in Warsaw as my consultancy says that i can get admission in Warsaw university and what they told me that i can get part time job in warsaw like packing or some thing like that which is enough to cover my daily expenses. Not only that they told me that i can even work while am studying .

Regarding MBA from canada , my age is not suitable to get admission in canada. Thats why am trying poland.
Regarding the education system in Poland , i was told that it is one of the best in the world and warsaw university is rated 16- 20 by forbes ...My consultancy suggested me to take MAB in IT and Management , pls advise me the job scope for the same not only in Poland but whether i can get some openings in germany or near by countries.
DominicB - | 2,704
29 Apr 2017 #225
First of all, those Forbes lists are total garbage. They were some project that was started by some not-very-bright intern that used a not-very-sophisticated bot to scour the internet for university websites and used a not-very- well-thought-out algorithm to parse the sites and rank them. So it's basically a case of garbage in, garbage in the middle, and garbage out. I don't know why Forbes has them on their site. I guess as click bait.

No, the University of Warsaw is not ranked anywhere near the top for MBA programs. The courses taught in Polish are not bad, but those taught in English are of very low quality. The degrees they offer are not worth much on the international job market, not in Poland, not in Germany and not in Canada.

I don't understand what you mean that you cannot get an MBA in Canada because of your age. Serious schools prefer mature candidates, especially for MBA programs.

Don't come to Poland on the assumption that you will be able to find a part-time job. It's a far safer assumption that you won't, so make your plans on the assumption that you will not be able to earn a single penny during your stay in Poland. If your consultant is telling you that jobs for foreign students are easy to find, they are lying. Very few foreign students do. Even with your experience, it is going to be a challenge.

Sorry, but higher education in Poland for non-Polish speakers is sort of a scam that takes advantage of desperate, gullible and naive students from poor countries such as yourself. And it's a poor investment that practically never pays off.

And those "consultancies" are a scam, too. A real school recruiter would never take money from prospective students. If anyone makes you pay to find a place to study or work, they are certainly scamming you. Run away and don't believe anything they say, because they will say anything to get your money, which is the only thing they care about.

Do your own research by using your network of real-world friends and colleagues, especially those who have studied in Canada. And contact universities there yourself, without the help of a "consultant" or "agent". That is the only way to get useful information. Use the internet only to get contact information and ignore any hype.

And also look into good MBA programs in India. An MBA from a good IIM is worth a lot more than an MBA from an English-language program at even the best university in Poland.

If you want a job in Germany, then apply for a job in Germany. Going to Poland isn't going to make that any easier. Again, rely on your network of real-world contacts, because the best jobs are advertised solely by word of mouth, face to face, friend to friend. Recruiters and job websites get only the table scraps, so don't waste your time on them.

Do learn to effectively network in the real world. Learning how to do that properly will help you more than a thousand lousy MBAs from a lousy English-language program in Poland.
12 May 2017 #226
Hi I am Bhavesh,

I have got 8+ years of experience as Java developer (Software Developer). I plan to Poland as a student. I am ready to adopt and learn polish language and culture both. Yes, I know it will take time, but gradually I can be a part of Poland. I am married and want to bring my family there.

My question is that will I get enough paying job initially within 3-4 months so that I can survive there. After few months are there good chances to earn more so that I can bring my family there.

In future I also want to start a IT business there.

Please advise me.

Thanks in advance.
peter_olsztyn 6 | 1,098
13 May 2017 #227
My question is that will I get enough paying job initially within 3-4 months so that I can survive there.

Why are you asking us? Ask your future employer. Everything above 5000zl netto will help your plan come true.
14 May 2017 #228
My goal is got get advise from experts in this forum. Anyways, I am modifying my question little bit.
Are there good chances of getting employment in IT even if I would not be knowing good polish? I will learn polish as time will pass. Answer to this question will help me get started thinking of an option to come to Poland.

peter_olsztyn 6 | 1,098
15 May 2017 #229
Are there good chances of getting employment in IT even if I would not be knowing good polish?

I think no one will expect that you be able speak Polish at all. They hire you because of your IT not language skills. No one will wait for your Polish improvement. IT guys usually speak perfect English.
15 May 2017 #230
Thanks a lot sir for your help and support in this. I am sure I will be though very tiny but valuable asset for Poland. :)
peter_olsztyn 6 | 1,098
15 May 2017 #231
I'm not a sir but while living in London I have seen a few ;)
22 May 2017 #232
Ha Ha Ha.... It took me a while to understand your humor ....!!!!
Atch 17 | 3,151
22 May 2017 #233
Just a little tip for you Bavesh, if the job is advertised in English, it means they don't expect or need you to speak Polish. Example:

I plan to Poland as a student

I'm not sure why you want to come to Poland as a student. Do you want to get a Masters or PHD? Your industry experience is far more important and you have plenty of that. A post-grad qualification will matter less to an employer than your practical skills and won't make much difference to your earning potential. There are loads of guys with a basic Bachelors degree earning as much as people with a post-grad.
23 Jun 2017 #234
Hi There,

I M PLnning to do my masters in warsaw university, Can anyone suggest me if it will be worth to do the studies from there ? I am not planning to work there ,just for studies how will it be for an indian student.

25 Jun 2017 #235
These people will destroy Poland. Look at London. They take India and make India where ever they go--and there are a billion people ready to break in to get out of their self created hell hole.

Don't let this happen. Don't let corrupt politicians infect Poland with this.
peter_olsztyn 6 | 1,098
25 Jun 2017 #236
These people will destroy Poland. Look at London.

I'm curious if London affect these people or this people affect London. Why London is so ugly? Don't people feel a need of living in better housing standards?

stick to the topic please
26 Jun 2017 #237
guys, Im planning to study Master in global production engineering and management in warsaw university of technology. I just need information about job opportunities after degree completion.
DominicB - | 2,704
26 Jun 2017 #238
In terms of return on investment, production engineering is about the poorest choice you can make, and not very useful for finding a good job in Poland or the EU. The management courses won't be of much value unless you already have a good deal of experience already.

Pick a more lucrative field of engineering, like petroleum, geological or biomedical engineering, and it will be much easier for you to find work and earn high wages.
karthik bethi - | 1
4 Jul 2017 #239
studying robotics from warsaw university of technology help me to get jobs in anywhere in europe ?
DominicB - | 2,704
4 Jul 2017 #240
@karthik bethi

No more than getting a good engineering degree from a good engineering school in India.

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