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Information about jobs for Indian students in Poland

31 Dec 2015 #121
Hi, I am from India and looking for reliable person in warsaw, who can help me establishing new business company in poland. He or She must be familiar with all required immigration formalities and documentation. amityltd@gmail
Levi 12 | 450
31 Dec 2015 #122
So you are asking for a favour and doing requirements?

md.istay iqbal
1 Jan 2016 #123
how r u?
I am a country bangladesh.I will be coming from Poland.studied from Poland if u have any part time job in Warsaw plz give me a job.plz plz plz plz any job give me plz..
shravan patel
10 Jan 2016 #124
I want to study in poland for Mba, but I would know about part time job and How many wages given to indian students.which currency existing in poland euro or polish zloty.
mafketis 23 | 8,638
10 Jan 2016 #125
but I would know about part time job and How many wages given to indian students

They don't exist.
Sanal shields - | 2
10 Jan 2016 #126
No jobs in poland for indian more damn questions to be asked again.
cms 9 | 1,271
10 Jan 2016 #127
You want to do an MBA but you cannot even make 1 minutes google search to see what the currency is in Poland ?
11 Jan 2016 #128
Hi am Indian am got admission in Vistula university, I want know about jobs in here for foreign students is it possible got a part time job in there
mafketis 23 | 8,638
11 Jan 2016 #129
People are lying to you if they are suggesting you can find part time employment in Poland. You can't (theoretically you can, but unless you speak Polish you're unqualified for about 95% of the jobs).
delphiandomine 85 | 18,359
11 Jan 2016 #130
Indeed. Ignore your 'agent' (who will tell you any amount of lies to get you to go) - the reality is that it's nearly impossible for Indians to find part time employment here.
27 Jan 2016 #131
I m harsh. I . news reader in india.(Gujarat ) .so I want to come Poland nd want to do job aas news reader afeter learning polish language but is their a good pay reader.over.their.after.doing a journalisam in Poland.?? Can a news reader live a nice life with good savings ?? So I can send money to my home town.?? Pls. Guide me ..

Harshbrahmbhatt3@gmail. Com
InPolska 11 | 1,821
27 Jan 2016 #132
stop trolling! If you could think for a 1/4 of a 1/2 second, you would understand that your chances to work as a "journalist" for Polish tv are ZERO!

istannbullu34 1 | 104
27 Jan 2016 #133
Posted a lot of times as everybody mentioned, do not know why people are not checking previous messages.

Without knowing Polish (fluent level), the chance to find a job here, especially if you are a student, is too low. You might be able to find internship -if you are lucky- which you will have to work around 30 hours a week and most probably unpaid. You will have better chance if you know some other European languages (except for English) in areas like customer service, accounting and IT support. Just with English and Indian language (adding lack of experience), it will be very hard to find a job
Levi 12 | 450
27 Jan 2016 #134
There are no part time jobs for students (who don't speak Polish) and being a student in Poland will not let you enter the United Kingdom.


Plain and pure ignorance or lack of information. Poland HAVE NO PART TIME JOBS FOR STUDENTS that doesn't speak polish, unless you find a miracle or are Heidi Klum.
Wroclaw1010 3 | 91
27 Jan 2016 #135
HAVE NO PART TIME JOBS FOR STUDENTS that doesn't speak polish

Have you studied in Poland? How many foreign students do you know here? We all know it's not easy to find part-time jobs, but if you have a special skill or being fluent in English and another European language then you likely to find a job without knowing Polish. I studied here so knew students who were working here(Wroclaw) without knowing Polish.
jon357 63 | 15,309
27 Jan 2016 #136

There are a few jobs for students who don't speak Polish but not many and they are very hard to find. Learning the language would open a few doors however unemployment is high and anyone (Pole or newcomer) shouldn't count on getting a wage while studying.
InPolska 11 | 1,821
27 Jan 2016 #137
@Jon: have you ever seen "Indian students" working in Poland???? I never have! Do you think that employers in Poland do hire "Indian students"? Even places like MacDo, KFC, or Biedronka do not..... There is the language factor but not only. Poland is a closed (I've read that only 0.3% of peole living in Poland are from abroad, compared to around 5 to 8% in Western Europe, and up to 28% in Luxembourg) so a not tolerant society and therefore if one looks different, no way to get a job even to clean the toilets. And besides, Polish students have prority, which is common sense and also normal...

To tell "Indian students" that they "may" get jobs in Poland does not help because they have ZERO chances to get anything. Misleading people is wrong.
jon357 63 | 15,309
27 Jan 2016 #138
Some certainly do, however they are few. As I said, no student whether overseas or local should count on being able to get work. Work for students (even ones from abroad) however it is hard to find.
InPolska 11 | 1,821
27 Jan 2016 #139
@Jon; if "a few" do, I suppose no more than 0.000000000000005%. Have you personally seen any? I never have and I have lived in Poland for "ages". Of course if need to rely on hypothetical employment in order to study, students should NOT be issued "student's" visas. Students should be expected to have money to study and to live while studying. Do face it, 99.8% of socalled 'Indian students" are economic migrants using Poland to enter EU and sorry, I think it is wrong...
jon357 63 | 15,309
27 Jan 2016 #140
Have you personally seen any?

Yes, a few.
InPolska 11 | 1,821
27 Jan 2016 #141
so for instance, where? Maybe washing dishes or toilets in an Indian restaurant but let's face it, even in a city like Warsaw, one can count the number of Indian restaurants on one's fingers. At the very most fewer than 1% can get jobs and therefore telling them that they "might" is wrong because they arrive in Poland, cannot work so cannot study and have to return home very frustrated and broke (it costs them money to come to Europe)
2 Feb 2016 #142
Hi everyone. I'm planning to come poland as I'm married to a Polish in India and now she is gonna register the marriage in Poland. Once its registered there she will send me the invitation I will visit and apply temporary residence. I am planning to be there in march or april So can anyone help me out with a Job in Warsaw?

I have approx 6 and a half years of professional experience.

*** 3.2 Years in Retail as a agent, physical inventory, supervisor in back office, logisticks, Inventory audits.

*** 2 Years in E-commerce as a calling agent.
*** 1.3 Years in another E-commerce sector as many roles - backend customer experience, Fraud Management, Root cause analysis.

I have a good knowledge of Excel, can work under pressure and handle a Team or I'm also okay with any other work as I have worker in many processes being in above mentioned sectors.

Mobile : +918468920069
Email : choprashiva.kumar@gmail
6 Feb 2016 #143
Is placements good in poland for freshers for their masters

After* their masters
8 Mar 2016 #144
Is there job option in poland plz tell me
9 Apr 2016 #145
what is necessary to get work in Poland..?
I am From India...
mafketis 23 | 8,638
9 Apr 2016 #146
what is necessary to get work in Poland..?

Speaking Polish. Without that, nothing else much matters.

I am From India...

That's not a qualification that would be of interest to Polish employers.
Dhairya shah
9 Jun 2016 #147
I am a student I need a job for part time I can do any kind of job
vijay96316322 - | 1
16 Jun 2016 #148
Hi , we are peacemain ltd a business consulting firm , we deal in education and we also deal in Poland work visa , for all student or any candidate. If you have any question please contact us add us on wats app +357 96316322 .

we are registered company.
19 Jun 2016 #149
Hi friends, these questions and answers are very informative thanks alot for taking your time and responding us with your experiences and valuable advices .... i want to know whats next when we get the masters degree in our hand and start looking for a job....

Thanks again
Looker - | 1,050
19 Jun 2016 #150
This paper alone gives you nothing. You should have skills which are of value at the job market. And in addition, Polish language is almost always required in Poland.

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