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Information about jobs for Indian students in Poland

InPolska 11 | 1,821
7 Aug 2015 #91
@Delphi: True but also Polish employers prefer to hire people "like them". In the West, it is already almost impossible to be hired when coming from 3rd World so thinking that it's easy in Poland is pure non sense. I serious doubt that a Polish boss (farrmer or whatever) shall hire an Indian, Pakistani, Nigerian... student.

Nevertheless, Polish authorities should tell them that they shall not find work and also be stricter re financial means. When telling these students that they are allowed to work in Poland, it is not responsible as they shall NOT find any work. Yes, such students are very naive but I believe that the Polish authorities are at fault because they do not tell truth. With no money, no work, these students won't be able to study so why letting them come to Poland?
Roger5 1 | 1,458
7 Aug 2015 #92
Fruit picking and the like are done by Ukrainians.

We had some people over for lunch on Tuesday, one of whom is a farmer. She said she and her husband had just made the decision to give up growing blackberries because they spent a fortune on irrigation and got 13 groszy/kg from the big buyers. I'm suprised Polish farmers can afford to pay anyone at all to pick their crop.
InPolska 11 | 1,821
7 Aug 2015 #93
@Roger: so most probably very few Ukrainians and those working are paid peanuts and therefore no chance for .. Indian, Nigerian, Benglashi or Palestinian students
17 Aug 2015 #94
every one
i am from india.i would like to do m.s(software engineering) in poland.i want to take admission poznan university of it best university?.please advice me
Wulkan - | 3,251
17 Aug 2015 #95
Only if you want to study in Polish, studying in English would be useless.
17 Aug 2015 #96

And also, read this:
23 Aug 2015 #97
Hi I am Reshma I want to come In Poland for master.please give me advise for job.can I get the job there?
23 Aug 2015 #98

"the job" you mean a part time job during studies or a full time job after graduation?

first case, if you aren't fluent in polish chances are very close to the absolute zero, maybe you can find to give flyers on the street for 5zl hour.

second case, depends a lot on your master. What are you studying? I know non EU guys that did the master in Poland and now they are working here for bold salaries, but they're all in IT and in the West of Poland
InPolska 11 | 1,821
23 Aug 2015 #99
@Krzei: 99.99% of these posters are only interested in entering EU. They figure Poland is the easiest way to the West as obviously they mean to settle further West.
23 Aug 2015 #100
@ InPolska
I'm aware of that, but with the 1-2 years visa they get after the master are they allowed to travel and have interviews outside Poland even in Schengen countries?
11 Sep 2015 #101
Hello everyone,i am thinking to do masters (computers) in Poland, can i get part time job here if i learn Polish language
pls reply,thanks
12 Sep 2015 #102
with poland study visa will i go for germany?how many days i can stay in germany with poland visa?will i do work in germany with poland study visa?
8 Oct 2015 #103
Hea we are planning me nd my husband for Poland for bachelors.. Pls suggest us can we find job over there?
DominicB - | 2,704
8 Oct 2015 #104
can we find job over there?

No. There are very, very few jobs for foreign students in Poland. Practically none.

If you need to work to fund your studies, then forget about Poland. Poland is only for foreign students who can afford to pay all the costs for studying and living 100% from their savings or from family contributions. No financial aid or jobs are available. Make your plans on the very safe assumption that you will most definitely never be able to earn even a single penny during your stay in Poland.
1 Nov 2015 #105
Hello everyone! I've got an offer letter from UOSS, Warsaw campus for Masters. The course is part time based so classes would be conducted on sat-sun. I'll be able to work full time. Is it possible to get white collar jobs for an MBA(HR) person and fluent english speaker.

Or else

If learning polish is necessary, then how many months does it take to become a fluent polish speaker?
mafketis 23 | 8,094
1 Nov 2015 #106
Is it possible to get white collar jobs for an MBA(HR) person and fluent english speaker.

Winning the lottery is possible, but without Polish you're nothing special on the Polish employment market.

how many months does it take to become a fluent polish speaker?

Years, not months. It's extremely hard at the beginning, then gets harder, then gets even harder, then gets a lot easier.
1 Nov 2015 #107

Your chance is with the international companies located in the polish big cities.
Recently they hire a lot of foreigners, they speaks english in the office, and they've plenty HR/recruiters offices located in Poland ... in the company I work for actually a good amount of employees in recruitment for USA and a few in HR are foreigners with absolutely no command of polish language, and some of them are non-EU citizens.

Polish language is a nightmare for non-slavs, even dedicating all your free time you wouldn't be able to communicate much before 2 years, and anyway you would look silly even after that time.
mafketis 23 | 8,094
1 Nov 2015 #108
Recently they hire a lot of foreigners, they speaks english in the office

They does, does they?
1 Nov 2015 #109

by company contract you should speak English in the office

Then of course it happens that the biggest "clans" (poles and Ukrainians generally) speak their language between them since they're in big groups from the same country, while the few westerners and non-EUs are generally from different countries with different languages and so they speak only English.
mafketis 23 | 8,094
1 Nov 2015 #110
And who cares about verb agreement?
1 Nov 2015 #111
you meant verbal agreement?

It is not, is written as a clause of the contract that every employee of the company sign, that the communication must be in english language.

Then, people tolerate that employees speak polish and ukrainian in the office, and I've nothing against that.
chinmaykoranne 1 | 5
1 Nov 2015 #112

Thanks for your prompt reply.

Basically, I've just completed my MBA so I'm a fresher. So, you can consider that I've to start from the beginning.

I'm bit confused whether to come to poland or not as my main motto is to earn. I won't mind working in other profiles also but main concern is whether the jobs are available or not for english speakers let it be in BPO or Admin or Back office job etc.
1 Nov 2015 #113

The biggest issue is that yes, Poland is filled with international companies where they work with English language, especially in IT, and pretty good salaries in my opinion, but actually IT developers getting hired are almost all experienced (Bachelor + at least 3 years), and in the other areas (HR, recruitment, admin, ...) foreigners are generally less, but they hire anyway them too.

What you didn't specified is if you've a EU passport or not (I understood you didn't graduated in PL); international companies in PL are pretty good because recruiters make even as sponsors for non-EU (that doesn't happens so easily in UK, for example), but in general they would prefer to hire a EU citizen or a non-EU that graduate in PL (since in that case it has a different treatment)
mafketis 23 | 8,094
1 Nov 2015 #114
you meant verbal agreement?

No I mean "verb agreement" that determines that forms like "they speaks" (from your earlier post) are wrong.....
chinmaykoranne 1 | 5
2 Nov 2015 #115
Thanks @ekspat

It was very generous of you that you replied to my queries.

Let's see I'm coming to warsaw in february hopefully I'll be able to find job in relevant profile and workplace.
16 Dec 2015 #116
I will thinking get admission in Poland. It is good or bad? Pl give me proper advice.
mafketis 23 | 8,094
16 Dec 2015 #117
Pl give me proper advice.

Don't do it unless you're very fluent in Polish or will be learning the language before starting any other studies. University education in Poland in Polish is pretty good but it's pretty bad in English.

There are no part time jobs for students (who dont' speak Polish) and being a student in Poland will not let you enter the United Kingdom.

Any questions?
terri 1 | 1,665
16 Dec 2015 #118
>>>>There are no part time jobs for students (who don't speak Polish) and being a student in Poland will not let you enter the United Kingdom.

I don't understand how someone can even THINK that not speaking the local language, he will be able to get a job that will fund his studies.

Enlighten me, someone...please.

Further, knowing that there is high unemployment among Polish students (those that are still in Poland, the rest have left) someone, not speaking the language, not having any connections - can even dream of getting a good job afterwards.

I take the point about entering UK, - but all non-EU people entering the UK are subject to rules and regulations - not automatic entry, only for the reason that they have studied in Poland. This does not make them EU citizens.
mafketis 23 | 8,094
16 Dec 2015 #119
Welcome to post-colonialism. In former British colonies knowledge of English is _the_ indispensible qualification (knowledge of local languages is mostly unimportant). This is one reason why so many former colonies lag in so many social indicators (and why their education systems are so bad they're entirely built around teaching English at the expense of most other things).

They tend to assume that it's that way everywhere and won't be dissuaded until they encounter it person.
Wroclaw1010 3 | 91
16 Dec 2015 #120
None of the former colonies(British) centers their educational system on the English Language. However, without a doubt, English is the official language so the educational system has to be run in English(not teaching of English only). The reason being that the natives of the colonies speaks more than one language(except Malta and Ireland) so in order to avoid the conflict of superiority complex they opted for the English Language.

I don't see why people on here think is almost impossible to get a job whilst studying in Poland without knowing the language. It entirely depends on what the person have to offer in the job market. I was once a student here(though I never worked) but I had colleagues who were non Europeans but they were having part-time jobs. Most of them had full time jobs waiting for them before they even graduated. If you speak French and English(even if you're non European), you stand a better chance of securing a job in Poland than an average Pole.

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