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Information about jobs for Indian students in Poland

DominicB - | 2,627    
9 Nov 2017  #271

The long and short of it is that wages in Poland are A LOT lower than wages in Germany. A real lot. Especially for someone who speaks German. So much so that you would have to think very hard before making such a move UNLESS you got hired by a western company at western wages. Do your research and do your math well. The important number is how much you can put in the bank at the end of the month. Low savings potential is what makes Poland unattractive for foreign workers, who usually end up moving on to the west in search of better jobs.

As a SAP consultant, you will find a job for sure, and the pay will be good by Polish standards, but you will be able to save up only a small fraction of what you can save up in Germany.

They don't speak German in Poland, and Polish is not at all similar to German. It might help you find work that is outsourced from Germany, though. Practically all of the work that is available to an Indian in Poland is outsourced from richer countries specifically because wages in Poland are much lower.    
20 Nov 2017  #272
Well guys i have a totally different story .....i am a graduate in computer science and recently met this girl from Poland and we are deeply in love...i have no work experience because i opted not to do job in IT and was preparing for government job in india girl wants me to come to poland and she is saying that i will get a job there but looking at forums like this i dont think so what should i do?
rozumiemnic 8 | 3,717    
20 Nov 2017  #273
what should i do?

honestly I would listen to people here, your gf is probably just being optimistic.
Maybe go for a holiday and see for yourself.
Ironside 47 | 9,251    
20 Nov 2017  #274
do job in IT

You will find job in IT, they're crying out for workers right now. In the long run you'll need to learn Polish.
DominicB - | 2,627    
20 Nov 2017  #275
@Ans my.Q

Well, you don't have any experience, and there is little demand for inexperienced IT people in Poland. Whatever you do, don't come to Poland thinking you are going to find a job here. Get a job BEFORE you come.
14 Dec 2017  #276
I am Madhav
From Rajasthan (India)
I want to pursue my bachelor's course in business administration in Poland.
Firstly I want to confirm that is It a good option and I also want to know about how Indian students are treated there?
DominicB - | 2,627    
14 Dec 2017  #277
A bachelors degree in business administration from a course taught in English at a Polish university is worth nothing on the job market in any country, including Poland.

A bachelors degree in business administration from just about any university in the world is not worth much, either. The world needs people with degrees in business like it needs cockroaches or rats. Everyone, their mother and their dog seem to have business degrees these days.

You would be much better off studying a field that involves a lot of high-level advanced applied mathematics, like econometrics (not economics), financial mathematics (not finance), financial engineering or actuarial sciences. There are far to many graduates in non-math fields competing for too few jobs. High-level advanced applied mathematics skills, on the other hand, are in desperate demand.
Lyzko 18 | 5,303    
14 Dec 2017  #278

Your German skills will prove essential for serious, long-term, above all higher-level, employment and or study in Germany! As to how important it will be to have this knowledge along with English in Poland, I would say cannot hurt your chances, but only help them:-)

How well though do you know German? Working and/studying in Poland requires at least basic Polish, your other languages (including your native language) notwithstanding.

Dirk diggler 7 | 3,875    
14 Dec 2017  #279
A bachelors degree in business administration from a course taught in English at a Polish university is worth nothing on the job market in any country, including Poland.

Except for perhaps SGH... perhaps...
10 Feb 2018  #280
did you had any luck in finding a job?
7 Nov 2018  #281
Hi I am thinking to apply for masters in biotechnology, I am graduate in biotechnology so is there any scope for BT in Poland landing me a job or if I move out to Germany using the visa that permits me as eu student ? Please revert and shed some light kumar.kin098 gmail com
Zalak Chauhan    
5 Dec 2018  #282
I am Zalak Chauhan from India.I am planning to join Poland for education and work.
I have bachelors degree in business administration from distance learning from Sikkim Manipal University is it consider in Poland?
If yes so i can join in Master.
Please suggest

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