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info. work in Poland with and temporary card residence?

negramonje22 1 | -
9 Nov 2009 #1
Hello to all.
My name is Maria, I have an Bolivian nationality. I live in poland through three years , mother of two daughters with Polish nationality and I live with the father of my daughters, but we are not married.

Two months ago I am employed as teacher of arts at dom kultura. The persons of my work want to do a contract of long-term work. On having presented my papers ... it turns out that with a karta pobytu czasowe I cannot work, ani z umowa z leczenia ani z umowa prace. Does someone know something on the topic?

Best Regards
gumishu 11 | 5,222
9 Nov 2009 #2
the most obvious thing to try is to get your partner to marry you officially - even if only in a state ceremony (so not Catholi/religious marriage) - then as a spouse of a Polish person you can get residence card pretty easy

if this is not an option then I personally don't know enough to advise you on the topic
21 Mar 2010 #3
you can have a polish karta pobytu like a mother of 2 daughters with Polish nationality
adam3107 - | 1
7 Nov 2016 #4
Iam from north africa and i am non eu citizen.
a close family friend who is a polish citizen has a well established buisness within my experties in poland, and i've been asked to join him as he has a bigger vision of expanding and taking his buisness to another level if we would be working together, so i would like to move to poland.

I currently have a french tourist visa that will expire in couple months.
please advice as what steps need to be taking and possible obsticles to face when applying for a temporary resident card in poland.
Thank you for reading.
10 Nov 2016 #5
When You come to Poland based on french visa, It's possible to apply for temporary residence card, but it could be difficult. You'll have to get a lot of documents that give credibility to your stay in Poland. There is a company which can help You

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