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I'm from Indonesia - Willing to Study in Poland next Year (2012)

lale 1 | -
25 Oct 2011 #1
Hi all :)

I'm a 17 years old girl from Indonesia and I'm willing to continue my Study in Poland (BA) next year, I have a big interest in International Studies, European Studies, and International Relations. I can't speak polish so I must looking for the programs taught in english. I've found some universities which have international programs (all of them is located in Warsaw).

I've looking The University of Warsaw, and the tuition fee for International relations (BA) is 4300€, that's too high for me because 1€ = 13.000 IDR, hence I decided not to choose Warsaw as my destination.

I'm looking for the university which not located in Warsaw and offer programs I mentioned above (taught in english). Is there anyone with a tip or a suggestion about this? Please heeeellp me, I think I'm gonna be mad browsing and searching about this all day long :'(


25 Oct 2011 #2
Hi Navela,
I'm also interested in Programs in Poland.

I'm concerned about your price situation: if 4300 Euros is too expensive for a graduate program, what would be a price you could afford? It seems to me that most big Polish universities have programs in English related to international/European studies. Wroclaw, Lodz, Krakow, Poznan...all have programs in English. If it's the price that worries you, and you have your heart set on Poland, you should look for external funding from independent organizations to provide you with scholarships.

If you're willing to negotiate location, there are even more options.
What interested you in Poland, particularly?

Good luck to you.
cherish 2 | 10
13 Nov 2011 #3
There is a private university for 2.000 euro.check your p.m inbox
2 Feb 2012 #4
i have heard that very good is the Higher School of Tourism and Hotel Industry in Gdansk (besides Gdansk is beautiful) They have english course too. this university is on the top of rankings of schools in this field. and the price is no so high i know about 1500 euro per semester.

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