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Indian Engineer Moving to required about job prospects

14 Oct 2009 #1
Hi ..I am an Engineer from India .I wud like move to Poland.I have a polish girlfriend.Can any body tell me abt the job prospects in poland..and how to get a work permit to poland..Please..
Gajendra - | 1
20 Oct 2009 #2
[Moved from]: Jobs for Indian in Poland in IT and electronics & communicaton engineering sector

i have completed my graduation in electronics and communication engineering indian in july2009, with with good conceptual knowledge in my field and determination to work hard for the growth of my organization and my profession.

And im looking for a job in the related sector in poland.
Raj_ryder 10 | 106
24 Nov 2009 #3
hi i guess u need an employer to sponsor u..its not easy. best thing to do is come here to warsaw or krakow or wroclaw and go job hunting. if u find one(shudnt be too difficult since u are an engineer) they company might sponsor u...
denim007 - | 8
9 Aug 2010 #4
i am also looking for the same stuff..but in IT sector..programming...i m indian in india..can we talk?
11 Jul 2015 #5
hi friends , i m indian girl and coming in poland for my master . what about jobs there ? How much i earn pr month ? plz tell
11 Jul 2015 #6
Without a decent command of the language the best shot is in IT if you have an hi researched profile like dotnet developer or frontender and only with foreign outsourcing companies: they struggle to find qualified English speaking developers so they don't mind hiring non-EU workers, and they easily pay a senior 8k net or more
11 Jul 2016 #7
Merged: Indian IT engineer is looking for job in Poznan

Hello all,

I've read a lot of posts on this site and I have to admit that I am kind of scared to ask this question but okay, I will try.

I am currently living in New Delhi, my education and work experience is based on IT support, right now I work as a production engineer in - Business Services. I work with British customers only. I completed language course where I learnt how to get rid off this "indian accent" you sometimes talk about.

I would like to move to Poznan Poland (and yes, Poland is my final destination, I am not going to move to Germany or anywhere else).

Till now I sent hundreds of mails, CV but nothing worked. Problem is that I dont know polish language.

Maybe people who succeed in getting job in Poland can help me, give some advice how to get it done.

I will be grateful for any help
Thanks in advance

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