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Hospitality/Tourism Poland Job Seeker

2 Jan 2012 #1
Hi, I'm planning to move to Poland in 2-3 years. I can't move yet because I'm still in college working on my Associate of Technical Arts in Hospitality and Tourism. And that will take me a couple of years. And I believe it might take me another year to get my CTA (Certified Travel Agent) certificate. While growing up my parents, both Polish immigrants, taught me how to speak and read in Polish. I may not be 100% fluent, but I am still able to communicate.

I'm hoping to find a nice hospitality/tourism job there by the time I move, which I'm planning to do in 2014, but no later than 2015. Since finding a good job there takes a while, I'm starting early. Right now I only have a high school diploma, but like I said, I'm working on getting my ATA and my CTA. I also might progress on to get a certificate from the IATA (International Association of Travel Agents). Because I was born and raised in the U.S. I'm fluent in English.

Can anyone help me find a job there?

My ultimate goal is to become a travel agent, but any hospitality/tourism job is great. I prefer working in Warsaw, Lódz, or Radomsko, or anything in between, because I'll be moving into my grandma's house, which is about and hour to 2 hours away from Radomsko.

Dziękuje bardzo za pomoc.
delphiandomine 88 | 18,454
3 Jan 2012 #2
Ultimately, you'll be under-qualified in Poland. There are hundreds of people graduating every year with better qualifications than you - with the added ability to speak 100% fluent Polish. I've been involved in hiring people recently for some hospitality/tourism jobs - and we wouldn't consider anyone without complete fluent Polish unless they were an exceptional candidate. From what you describe - you aren't exceptional.

Associate of Technical Arts in Hospitality and Tourism

Not enough. If you want to get a job on the same basis as a Polish person, you'll need to have similar qualifications - which means a bachelors degree as a bare minimum, with most employers looking for a Masters for this sort of job. They simply won't care less that you come from a different educational system - you need to have the same as Polish people have.

I know this from recently recruiting some people - we threw out any CV's where the candidate didn't have a Masters degree as a bare minimum. And this was for a basic hospitality/receptionist job! It might seem crazy, but with 200 CV's to go through - there was no need to hire anyone without one.
dr_rabbit 5 | 90
3 Jan 2012 #3
Perhaps a better way of explaining what Delph has said is that the norm among those who get an education in Poland is to complete a master's degree. Therefore everyone graduates in their mid-twenties, or even late twenties, as opposed to early twenties as in the US.

However, if you love Poland so much you should not be perturbed: if you are young, you should consider doing a Magister degree in Poland. Like I said, finishing in your mid-twenties would not set you behind other poles, and you could still try your luck with your associates degree to develop a part-time career. However I have no experience of working in Poland - all I know is that you don't need to be worried about what seems like spending forever at university.
OP PolandLover
3 Jan 2012 #4
Thank you for your help.

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