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I need help to calculate the tax in Krakow, Poland

26 Apr 2017 #1
Dears, I just received offer in multinational company in krakow and I didn't know if the offer is good or not as I can evaluate the tax that will be deducted as well as the cost of living, please help me to take the decision, offer is 45K $ per year
WhirlwindTobias - | 88
26 Apr 2017 #2
1. You might want to change the dollar sign to zł. Or at least confirm you're receiving the equivalent to that amount but in zł. Poland doesn't use the dollar. Nor does the rest of Europe.

2. It takes 2 minutes on Google to find out about PIT, NFZ and ZUS, and another minute to find a website that will calculate it for free. There are also other threads on the matter - this one will probably be merged with one of them.

3. I'm not your dear, buddy
terri 1 | 1,664
26 Apr 2017 #3
On the assumption that it was 45K dollars, I have roughly estimated it to be 15K pln gross. Nothing to write home about.
majkel - | 64
26 Apr 2017 #4
That's very good salary for Poland, you can live comfortably out of it atm.
The question is what will happen if the excanche ratio falls down :)
Mody1987 - | 5
26 Apr 2017 #5

Need to calculate my net salary

Dears, Please help me to calculate my net salary in Krakow, is there website or application or manual formula, I need to take a decision asap. Many thanks
jon357 70 | 19,562
26 Apr 2017 #6
Try this:
WhirlwindTobias - | 88
26 Apr 2017 #7
Why the dupe? Google "Polish PIT calculator contributions", why do you require the hand-holding? It'll pay you to learn how to be self-sufficient before you come over.
Mody1987 - | 5
27 Apr 2017 #8
Thanks for your reply, could you help me with accurate website to calculate my net salary and another side to check the flat rent
jon357 70 | 19,562
27 Apr 2017 #9
See post #6 from yesterday
Mody1987 - | 5
27 Apr 2017 #10
I tried the above link but I see all results are zeros, if anyone can help, please do
terri 1 | 1,664
28 Apr 2017 #11
You have to put in your expected salary for each month. Generally, expect to pay 30 per cent from your salary.
terri 1 | 1,664
28 Apr 2017 #12
Have just used that site. Calculated gross salary of 15K pln per month, annually gross 180K pln, net 120,900 K pln.
28 Apr 2017 #13
It depends - there are many possibilities to pay less taxes and other public fees. Do you wanna work on labour contract or as entrepreneur ?
Mody1987 - | 5
28 Apr 2017 #14
Thanks Dears, I'll work for multinational company and they told me that this is great salary in Poland, but if it cut off with 30%, I think it will be bad salary
DominicB - | 2,709
28 Apr 2017 #15
More like 32%. And never call anyone "dear" or "friend". No one likes that.
Mody1987 - | 5
28 Apr 2017 #16
Many thanks for your help and advice
WhirlwindTobias - | 88
30 Apr 2017 #17
And never call anyone "dear" or "friend".

Especially if you're Canadian.

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