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Is it hard to get a work permit in Poland?

Looker - | 1,119
5 Dec 2014 #31
How do the companies prove that they didn't find anybody better (from Poland or EU)?

The companies won't do the research. They submit a notification of a vacancy in the District Labour Office and then the registries analysis is made about unemployed and job seekers. If it happens that there's enough people that meet the requirements resulting from the submitted offer, then a recruitment is being organized among people who are looking for the job. The Starost shall take a decision in a timely manner. Information is passed to an employer who then submit it as an attachment to the application for a work permit.
bug080 2 | 12
5 Dec 2014 #32
Wow, then that pretty much nils my chances since I do not really possess such extraordinary skills. I am pretty sure there is a handful of (if not a lot) unemployed computer science graduates in this country who would jump at the chance of getting a job at this company. Thanks for the reply!
Monitor 14 | 1,820
5 Dec 2014 #33
You should suggest to the company to write in requirements for the position, knowledge of your local language. That basically guarantees that nobody will be found for this job.
bug080 2 | 12
5 Dec 2014 #34
Hmm, I was just told that they were thinking of the same thing. Although it doesn't really make sense to me why a Polish company would need some South Asian languages as requirements, haha. But well, if that's the way, so it is. I hope for the best.

Guys, I have again been told that getting a work permit will be a very elaborate process for them, and hence the company wants me to first get a permission to stay in Poland (I am currently doing my Erasmus exchange here on the basis of my Finnish student RP). The company believes that having a permission to stay in Poland as a student exempts me from having to obtain a work permission. From what I know, this is not true, because even in Finland, students are allowed to work only on holiday months and for certain hours per week. I am confused here, because they (foreigners office and the company) don't seem to have adequate information on how to proceed with this case. Am I issued a permission to stay here on the basis of Erasmus stay here? And will that allow me to work at this company (related to my studies)? What should I do next?
Monitor 14 | 1,820
5 Dec 2014 #35
Call people there and ask:
Perhaps you qualify as one of: Right_to_work_for_students.html
Then you don't need permit as long as you're student.
5 Dec 2014 #36
you don't need permit as long as you're student.

You don't need a work permit if you're married to a Pole either. Just saying.
bug080 2 | 12
11 Dec 2014 #37
Thanks a lot, the infoline was really handy!
Monitor 14 | 1,820
11 Dec 2014 #38
Good to know. I've never called them.
gottamoveon - | 2
24 Dec 2014 #39
Merged: job possibility for non-eu citizens

Hello everyone. I want to ask a simple question in my mind nowadays. Does any job offer has to stay at least one month without getting an application from a local, in order to employee be able to obtain work permit? Isn't it just possible for companies, apply directly for a work permit? Dzieki
Levi_BR 6 | 219
24 Dec 2014 #40
If it was not for Erdogan, you would be an eu-citizen. Blame him.
gottamoveon - | 2
24 Dec 2014 #41
even if Erdogan was here or not, I wouldn't be an EU citizen.My question was about possibility of obtaining zezwolenie dla pracy(permit) when being from non-eu.

lets mention some things related to things, believe me politics side is much more complex then this.

Merged: Work permit for non-EU people - how hard is to get it?

hello.i just have a simple hard is it for someone from non-eu countries to get work permit?especially this person has IT and language skills? thanks

does an employer has to submit an application to labor office and it has to wait one month at least?
abm - | 1
9 Nov 2015 #42
Merged: about work permit in Poland

I have searched in internet about work permit in Poland,
got your web address.
I am interested about working in Poland.
For this time I am not sharing my details,
but would like to know as a general process of work permits.
Looking forward for your reply.
lubieplacki - | 1
17 Jan 2017 #43

Polish non-EU expats, your experience with working permits?


I'd like to hear more about your experiences with getting a working permit in Poland. Were employers eager to get you one? How long did it take?

I'm helping my boyfriend with job search in Poland, and he's a non-EU citizen. I wondering what are the chances of employment for him.

Thank you for any feedback!

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