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Greek Speaking Jobs in Poland

pavdel 5 | 22
1 Dec 2011 #1

by carrying out a small research found some "interesting" I have to say adds about Greek speaking candidates like :

HR Customer representative ( Greek speaker ) : Philip Morris
Banking Operations ( Greek speaking ) : Hays
Obsługa Klienta Obcojęzycznego- Księgowość/ Zakupy/ Logistyka ( Grecja )

Did anybody ever had an experience conatcting or even having an interview for this kind of jobs. Its really strange to " suspicious" that so big companies with such responsibilities mentioned are asking no experience or degrees, other than speaking Greek.

Is it a 'nicely varnished" edition of telemarketing, customer service, back office? Does anybody have any clues on salaries offered? Since they are located in smaller cities such as Lodz or Katowice do they provide accomodation?

hythorn 3 | 580
1 Dec 2011 #2

how did the plans of working in freight forwarding go?

Don't expect riches beyond your wildest dreams
call centre work in Poland is notoriously badly paid and as for them providing you accommodation, forget it

call them up and ask them how much they are paying and then post it for us to read
1 Dec 2011 #3
Does anybody have any clues on salaries offered? Since they are located in smaller cities such as Lodz or Katowice do they provide accomodation?

dont expect accomendations, and yes the pay is probably quiet bad.
I work in Krakow and the greeks i work with at a call center has less than 2800 PL netto pr. month.
BTW they have university degress.
1 Dec 2011 #4

first of all, I'm not polish, have no exp in working in Poland but I can give you some advice. 1) The first job you mentioned is probably really something about human resources, the others ... you probably answered it right after ;) 2) Try to seek for another information beacuse here, one will tell you that something costs 2zl and the other one tells you it's 10zl... one will tell you that some amount of money is good the other one tells you that you are probably going to die ;)

For you guys: maybe it's city to city, but in Jan 2012, I'm moving to poland to work for bank call center (not direct telemarketing) in Lodz. I'll get 2500zl net + they will pay my rent (the flat is clean, nice, in center;) ) I have no degree or anything like this.
OP pavdel 5 | 22
1 Dec 2011 #5
Hi all,

the freight forwarding plans still exist far as I ve been told these jobs to work out take time so if I move i ll need sth quick to start up with an income. To tell you the truth, there are jobs in freight/logistics but 95% are in Polish. Besides there is a difference because there are several jobs included ( analyst, specialist, buyer, procurer) so kind of you mix up everything.

I ll talk by numbers and I want your opinion: To a research that I made for the level of my job experience happens

Logistics analyst: 3500 - 4500 brutto
Import / export specialist : 3000 - 3500 brutto
Spedytor: 2800-3200 brutto.
Planner: 3000 brutto

These are the average payments according to survey of Hays and for 2011.

So a call centre job for 2500 net if includes accomodation its really a bargain. And I guess recently I am not the only Greek coming there...isnt it???

I would like the opinion of people on these numbers? Do they look realistic? Sometimes surveys to reality differ a lot?

1 Dec 2011 #6
I think it's bargain too. At least for me :D It seems realistic, I also did some research when considering this offer and these amounts are quite common. But it would be better to call to the company and ask them directly :) I was also asking them about the money, rent etc. etc. to be sure I won't die of hunger ;)
OP pavdel 5 | 22
1 Dec 2011 #7
By the way...

How are all these jobs arranged? I mean for interview you have to be there? Is it possible through skype? How does the procedure go?

By curiosity where are you from? And what kind of a job is it exactly the one that you found? How did you arrange?

If I am not indiscreet?
4 Dec 2011 #8
For me it wasnt necessary, beacuse the work is for czech company and i'm czech, so i did the interview here, going there to prepare the contract and pass through some entry medical examination or something like this, than back home and 2.1.2012 i have to be there ready to work. It's for bank, I will be on phone line, transfering money between different accounts a solving complaints. :)
OP pavdel 5 | 22
7 Dec 2011 #9

as far as I know 2500 PLN is around 556 euros/month. In the flat you ll be all alone or shared? Plus what does the salary include more: health insurance? Insurance credit? Do they have extra salary as in other countries have 13 or 14 salaries? Do these things exist? What timetable?

So practically 556 euros + 300 euros that you escape by having your flat paid then goes to around 850 euros. Its not bad, imagine here they pay around 1000-1100 for those jobs in best case without a flat paid but with 14 salaries it gets around 14000-15500 euros/year.

But may I ask sth. i mostly have experience in Warsaw and in Prague, I could say they are not A metro ticket is around 1,2 euros, a take-away cofee around 1,5, euro, a meal in a restaurant like sphinx around 10-12 euro, a pack of ciggaretes around 2,5 euro. So do you consider it feasible somebody to live with 18,5 euro/day????

Tell me honestly your opinion? And with those foreign speaking jobs is there any perspective of further evolution?
gumishu 13 | 6,067
7 Dec 2011 #10
A metro ticket is around 1,2 euros, a take-away cofee around 1,5, euro, a meal in a restaurant like sphinx around 10-12 euro, a pack of ciggaretes around 2,5 euro. So do you consider it feasible somebody to live with 18,5 euro/day????

salaries are bigger in Warsaw - in £ódź you don't have metro - a monthly ticket for both bus and tram that is valid for all lines at all times costs 100 PLN in £ódź (just checked that) which is less than 1 euro a day - you can eat a lot cheaper than 10 euro a day (even having the main meal in town - if you have access to a 'milk bar' (bar mleczny) you can have a good main meal for less than 5 euro) - coffee and cigarettes are bad for your health
OP pavdel 5 | 22
7 Dec 2011 #11
1 for transportation + 10 for food ( 2 x 5 ) except if dinner is also bad for my health makes 11. So I ll have sth like 7,5 euros per day to dress, to go out and to learn the language. Certainly I ll have to quit smoking then. About coffee, what exactly are you drinking in the morning in order to wake up????
teflcat 5 | 1,032
7 Dec 2011 #12
what exactly are you drinking in the morning in order to wake up????

Listerine. It tastes nice but makes your stomach hurt. I've noticed that my breath is sweeter, though. There's something about 'gurgling'(?) on the bottle but I can't read it as I don't keep my reading glasses in the bathroom.
ReservoirDog - | 132
7 Dec 2011 #13
About coffee, what exactly are you drinking in the morning in order to wake up????

vodka, especially those who have low blood pressure ;)
12 Dec 2011 #14
Probably shared, it depends on which of the flats will be free in january, but yeah, if it's 2+1, theres one flatmate with you. Yes, including insurance, they have contract with private clinic where we can go (on tuesday i was there for some test, really nice :) ) 13th salary yes, i wish the 14th too :D For me 2,5 euro for pack of ciggaretes is nothing special. actually they have cheaper ciggaretes :) And about thew evolution, it really depends on what are you doing for should ask. And finally, i dont see any problem in living with this money. I pretty sure this will be nice... at least for me :)
Varsovian 92 | 634
12 Dec 2011 #15
And then there's people like me just outside Warsaw who are desperate to learn Greek and would buy you a season ticket for the train and a fistful of cash if you could make me speak Greek like your English. . !
OP pavdel 5 | 22
12 Dec 2011 #16
My English...hmmm I know they are not fluent, as anybody's else here, excluding the ones who originally come from English speaking countries. I am better in French. Why are you so desperate to learn Greek? The fistful will be in EURO or in PLN? This matters a lot to a potential cooperation.

Merged: Any Greeks working in Poland, please advice on jobs,housing, salary, companies(in English)

I would like to ask any info by Greek people already working in Poland in Polish or foreign companies, or bussinessmen. I am planning a relocation, It would be usefull to share experiences.

orbit21 - | 3
12 Apr 2012 #17
i m in the same situation too...... i m greek and i want to relocate in rzesow..... elladaraaaaa
OP pavdel 5 | 22
15 May 2012 #18
Where is this place?

There are some Greek speaking jobs with English as well...if you dont have high expectations. Recently I had an offer in lodz for a "Specialist" in my domain for 3700 brut + gym card just to have an idea. Check on or there are occasional openings. What is your specialty?
orbit21 - | 3
5 Jun 2012 #19
Rzeszow is in podkarpackie. South poland.i m planning to move to rzeszow with my girl, get married, and maybe stay there all year. I speak greek, english, french,and now a bit of polish.i dont have problem to do any job, in greece i was working in our family business on an island. But my dream job is to work somewhere with animals.... A zoo maybe. :)
18 Jun 2012 #20

I'm from Poland but i live in Greece,i want move to Poland to find speaking Greek job.Can somebody help me.I speak English (good)Polish (good)Greek (very good)

20 Aug 2012 #21
I am From Greece and i want to move and live in Warsaw for some years.I love the city and the Culture of Polish people..I have degree and Master of information and communication systems.I am looking for a job about 600 euros (i have another incomes from Greece). Is it easy to find something in Warsaw or Wroclaw?
27 Jun 2016 #22
Hi everyone,
I accidentally fell on this forum.If there are any greek people out there looking for a job in IT feel free to email me at thomaskap@hotmail.

I currently work for an IT company in Lodz.There are two projects seeking for greek speaking people.(IT skills are not mandatory-Language skills are)
mysz51 - | 5
25 Sep 2016 #23
Me and my wife (29 & 28 years old) are thinking to move to Poland to see how is life there, We are looking for Greek speaking jobs at an IT senior position (Customer care Specialists or a role in Accounting field), We are interested in Tourism and Hospitality sector also if there will be an interesting vacancy.

I am Polish but I live in Greece, I left from Poland many years ago, my wife is Greek, I speak Polish,Greek & English. She speaks Greek & English.

Any information would be much appreciated.
Thank you.
terri 1 | 1,664
25 Sep 2016 #24
Start searching on Polish websites offering jobs to Greek speakers.
mysz51 - | 5
27 Sep 2016 #25
Thanks Terri :)
I am already on that ;)
I placed the question just in case there is someone that works in such a company and knows for any openings that aren't published yet.

Thanks anyway.

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